F1 24 Italy Car Setup (Updated After Handling Patch)

Here is our optimised F1 24 Italian car setup for Monza, updated after the handling patch. This setup has been designed specifically for races, ensuring good pace and tyre wear.

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F1 24 Italy Setup

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Update: This setup has been created after the big handling patch.

Monza is a track in F1 24 that is all about two things. Straight line speed and slow speed traction. Well, that isn’t quite true. The Italian track is one of the easier tracks to drive, however, there are a fair few intracacies that you need to consider when creating a car setup.

You obviously need to look at your top speed due to the long straights, but you also need to be careful of too much understeer through the faster corners. Energy recovery can be a problem due to the lack of consistent braking zones, and you will almost certainly suffer from uneven tyre wear.

With all of those elements to weigh up, I’m going to show you our recommended Monza car setup for F1 24.

Best Monza setup for F1 24

Below is our recommended Monza car setup in F1 24. This setup was updated after the big update to F1 24, which changed how the cars handle.

Here is our recommended F1 24 Italian setup which has been designed for races, not time trial and has been created using a racing wheel.

Front wing9
Rear wing0
Differential adjustment on throttle20%
Differential adjustment off throttle60%
Engine Braking100%
Suspension Geometry
Front camber-3.50
Rear camber-2.20
Front toe-out0.03
Rear toe-in0.07
Front suspension41
Rear suspension5
Front anti-roll bar16
Rear anti-roll bar9
Front ride height25
Rear ride height55
Brake pressure100%
Front brake bias56%
Front right tyre pressure24.5psi
Front left tyre pressure25.5psi
Rear right tyre pressure25.5psi
Rear left tyre pressure26.5psi

Watch our recommended F1 24 Monza car setup video

Below is a video run-through of our F1 24 Monza setup.

Aerodynamic setup

The aerodynamic setup at Monza is the lowest that we’ll run at any track. I’ve gone with a front wing angle of 9 and rear wing that is right down at 0. This will eliminate as much drag from the rear wing as possible, while giving the front of the car enough downforce to reduce understeer.

This setup approach will ensure that you are competitive down the straights, giving you the best opportunities to overtake and defend successfully.

Transmission setup

The transmission setup will look a bit odd, unlike most of our other car setups. Traction out of turns 2 and 5 is very important for giving you a good run down the straights that follow and ensuring you don’t wear your rear tyres too fast due to wheel spin.

This is why I recommend setting the on-throttle differential at just 20%. During my testing through a full race distance, I did start with this higher, but ultimately ended up on 20% as a comfortable setup by the end of the race.

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    The off-throttle differential is higher than many of our car setups, and that is mainly because I have set the engine braking to 100%. Setting the engine braking high limits how low we can set the off-throttle differential. I’ve gone with 60% on the off-throttle diff.

    ERS recovery is an issue at Monza, so setting the engine braking to 100% gives us the best chance at recovering as much energy as possible. This high setup will also help decelerate our car faster during the heavy braking zones.

    F1 24 Italy Gameplay

    Suspension geometry setup

    For the geometry, I have the camber set far left as per normal. Tyre wear isn’t much of an issue at Monza outside of rear wear from wheelspin, so we can get away with this setup approach.

    Then I’ve set the front toe-out to 0.03 and rear toe-in to 0.07. The front toe will add a touch more responsiveness at the front of the car, giving us better initial turn-in. Understeer can be a problem at Monza, so this goes a little way to fixing that.

    The rear toe set to 0.07 will help keep the rear of the car stable. There are a couple of corners where the rear can get a bit lively. Out of turns 6 and 7, the two Lesmos, the rear can step out under acceleration, so the rear toe should help calm things down a little.

    Suspension setup

    The suspension setup is pretty stiff, with a set up of 41 at the front and just 5 at the rear. This will help reduce understeer and allows us to run a low ride height setup. The anti-roll bars are set to 16 and 9 which is a pretty big difference from front to back. This will promote rear stability, much like the rear toe does.

    Then, the ride height is set to 25 and 55 which is about as low as you would want to go around Italy. You can hit some kerbs, and the exit kerbs at some corners are high enough to cause instability.

    Brake setup

    The brake setup for Monza is pretty much set in stone before you even set foot out of the garage. Go with 100% brake pressure to slow your car as quick as possible, and 56% brake bias. The forward bias will help slow the car faster than a more rearward setup, and the high engine braking requires a more forward bias to avoid any rotation under braking.

    Tyre pressure setup

    Tyre wear will be uneven at Monza, simply due to the imbalance between left and right corners. The right side of the car will wear much slower than the left, so our tyre pressure setup targets those right tyres with lower pressures to help them stay hot.

    Go with 24.5psi and 25.5psi for the front tyres and 25.5 and 26.5psi for the rears. Overheating shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the long straights really help cool your tyres down between corners.

    And that completes our Monza car setup for F1 24. This isn’t one of the most entertaining tracks to drive, but the faster corners do provide some technical challenge for both your driving skill and car setup. Using this setup will ensure that you are very competitive down the straights, and the car isn’t too much of a handful through the corners.

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