F1 24: How To Drive Without The Racing Line

Using the dynamic racing line in F1 24 is a fantastic way of learning a track quickly. Disabling the racing line will increase your immersion and realism. Here are our top tips for mastering no racing line in F1 24.

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F1 24 racing line assist

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F1 24 has a range of assists to make this year’s game more accessible. One of the most helpful assists is the dynamic racing line. You will often find even the most seasoned F1 sim racer using the racing line, it is that helpful.

The racing line can help you learn a track quickly or give you indicators of where to position your car and when to brake. As you progress and learn the art of racing in F1 24, you can limit the racing line to just show you the braking points into corners and eventually turn it off completely.

In this guide, I’ll share our top tips on how to master racing without the racing line in F1 24.

How does the dynamic racing line work in F1 24?

First off, let’s quickly look at how the racing line works. This assist projects a coloured line on the track, showing you the ideal place to position your car throughout a lap. It also changes colour from green to red to show you when to brake and when to accelerate.

This is incredibly helpful, especially if you’re racing a new track or trying to master one you already know. However, with enough use, some players can become dependant on the racing line, resulting in them simply following the directions laid out in front of them rather than learning a track and pushing the limits.

It is important to note that the racing line won’t always represent the perfect place to position your car, and you can often brake later than indicated as well. The line is designed to guide you through a corner, rather than show you the perfect route to master that turn.

Should you use the dynamic racing line F1 24?

If you are really chasing additional lap time and looking to improve beyond simply learning a track, disabling the racing line is the way to go. This will not only increase immersion and realism, but it will also allow you to push the limitations of each corner and truly master a track.

Learn the braking points for every corner

When disabling the racing line for the first time, I can almost guarantee you’ll forget the perfect place to brake at each corner. This could result in a slower lap time than the times you put in with the racing line.

The remedy for this is to use landmarks and items around the track to remember the perfect braking zone. This could be a brake marker board, a kerb or mark on the track or an item just off to the side like a fence or advertising board.

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I’d recommend running a few laps with the racing line enabled, and at each corner, try to find something that is on screen at the exact time you need to start braking. Then, once you disable the racing line, you can use the new marker that you found as your reference to start braking.

Once you have a brake marker for every corner and your lap times are back up to the same pace as before, you can start pushing the limitations of each corner. Brake a split second later than the previous lap. Try to carry more speed through the apex. These experimentations are how you will quickly start to improve your overall pace.

Positioning your car correctly through a corner

Once you have perfected the braking zones and a brake marker for each corner, you can start to focus on ensuring you are on the right line through each turn. With the racing line enabled, this is easy, as you can simply follow the line. However, without it, you may start to deviate from this line.

One of the best rules to apply to most corners to quickly find the perfect racing line is to start out wide, turn in towards the apex, and drift back out wide on the exit of the corner.

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This approach can be applied to most corners in F1 24, and it is a great starting point. However, some turns require a slightly unique racing line, such as multiple corner sequences or multiple apex corners, such as turns 1-4 at China.

Approach the corner on the outside of the track

The goal at every corner is to get around it with the highest minimum speed possible. This is the term given to the slowest speed you travel around a corner. Increasing your minimum speed will generally result in less time spent in the turn. Do this at every corner, and you’ll put in faster lap times.

The best way to increase your minimum speed is to reduce the steering input you apply to a corner. On the approach, you should position your car out as far wide as you can. Doing this will result in a corner that is less tight, resulting in less steering input and a potentially higher minimum speed.

At some corners, you can even position your car right over the edge of the track and over a kerb to really push the width of the track. Obviously, don’t do this if there is grass on the edge of the track, as this will cause instability under braking.

Aim for the apex

As you start to slow your car, keep your eye on your turning point and the corner apex. At most turns in F1 24, you’ll want to hit the apex. Either clip the inside kerb or get as close as you can without touching it if the kerb is large.

Hitting every apex will shorten the track, as your car will travel a shorter distance through a corner. Again, you can push the limitations at some corners, driving right over the inside kerb if it is low enough. Be wary of larger kerbs or sausage kerbs, though, as these can cause you to lose time if you hit them hard.

Use the full width of the track on entry and exit

Once again, use the full width of the track on the exit of a turn. Don’t be afraid to open up your steering and run your car wide and towards the edge of the track. The perfect racing line through most corners will encourage this.

Applying less steering input on the exit will allow you to accelerate harder. One key to driving without traction control in F1 24 is straightening your car before accelerating. Running out wide on the exit of a corner is a great way to straighten your car early.

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5 quick tips for mastering no racing line in F1 24

Applying our tips in this guide will help you start racing F1 24 without the racing line. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a fast lap without the racing line enabled. It really allows for a good sense of accomplishment, as you feel like you have truly learned and mastered a track.

Below is a summary of our top tips for mastering no racing line.

  1. Start with the racing line enabled when learning a new track.
  2. Keep an eye out for braking point references for each corner while the racing line is enabled.
  3. Disable the racing line and replace the line with your new braking reference points.
  4. Follow other cars during practice sessions to learn when they brake and the line they use.
  5. Use the rule of starting out wide, hitting the inside apex, then drifting back out wide.

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