F1 24 Handling Update Release & How It Affects Car Setups

EA Sports are updating the F1 24 handling in a big patch on June 11th. Find out how that will affect our F1 24 car setups, and whether it will completely fix this year's handling model.

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F1 24 Handling Update

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EA Sports took only two days to respond to criticism over the new handling in F1 24. On the 30th of May, EA announced that a handling patch would be released in the weeks after the game’s official launch and would bring big changes to the game.

What is the new handling update for F1 24?

The new handling update is set for release next week, and some Esports drivers and EA Creator Network partners have already had a hands-on with the updated driving physics.

Formula 1 creator Alex Gillon was one of the first to criticise F1 24 when it launched. He has now had hands-on with the updated handling model that is launching in a patch next week and has praised it in a tweet on X. You can read the tweet below.

How will the handling update affect F1 24 car setups?

With such a huge improvement to the handling being promised, this will undoubtedly affect car setups that have already been created.

The current car setup meta is very much to set the anti-roll bars to maximum, along with the tyre pressures, as well as running engine braking at its maximum and high aerodynamic setups. This approach was created with the original handling model in mind, and was designed to maximise the car’s performance by making use of parts of the car setup that didn’t work correctly.

Depending on what the new handling model changes, these meta F1 24 car setups may no longer be the best option. Car setups to date have all been created with the current handling model in mind. When the new handling gets released in the upcoming patch, those setups might not be fully optimised.

We may have to make small tweaks to certain parts of the car setups. After all, this is the same physics platform and game engine, so some there may only be small adjustments needed.

However, it is also very possible that the updated handling fundamentally means that existing car setups no longer work. In this very likely scenario, it could mean that entirely new car setups will need to be created.

How will our car setups change and when will they be released?

At SimRacingSetup.com, we have currently produced a good number of car setups for F1 24. These have all been race-optimised car setups focusing on producing a stable car throughout a long race.

We will continue to produce car setups right up until the new patch is released. At that point, we will stop our progress through the F1 24 calendar, and move back to the start at Bahrain. We will re-test every car setup that we’ve created with the new handling model, starting with Bahrain.

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If it turns out that only minor adjustments are required, we will add these adjustments to the setups on our website and pin them to a comment for each car setup video we already have on YouTube.

The most likely scenario is that entirely new car setups will be required. In this case, we will start with Bahrain, and re-release new F1 24 car setup videos, replacing every setup video we’ve created so far.

The best way to be notified about our new car setups after the patch is to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ll release community posts on their, as well as our other social media platforms, X.com and Instagram, with updates on what route we’re taking.

Subscribing to our YouTube channel and hitting the alert bell will also notify you when any new car setup videos drop. We launch all new car setups on YouTube before anywhere else, so it is the place to find our latest F1 24 setups.

EA Sports official statement

EA Sports were quick to announce that they were working on a big update to the handling model for F1 24. On the 30th May, just two days after the early access for F1 24, EA Sports announced that they were “making gameplay adjustments based on feedback we’ve received.

EA Sports full statement on the updates to the handling model is below.

“Thank you to all the drivers who have already joined us on the grid in F1 24.

Following continued conversation with drivers of all levels and our update last week on handling, we are pleased to say that we are making gameplay adjustments based on feedback we’ve received. The plan is to include those updates in the game’s next patch and we will update you on timing in the coming days.

In the meantime we will continue to work with the community, esports drivers, and content creators by gathering feedback to implement further tweaks.

Thanks again for the continued conversation to make F1 24 the best experience for all drivers.”

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