F1 24 Game Reveal First Trailer & Release Date

EA Sports has pulled back the curtain on the new F1 24 game with a reveal trailer and a host of new content to celebrate the 2024 Formula 1 season. Here are all the details including release date and the first trailer.

F1 24 Game Reveal Trailer

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EA Sports has officially revealed the new F1 24 game today, and has done so with a host of new feature updates, a release date and the first F1 24 trailer. Here are all of the details about the upcoming F1 24 game.

When is the F1 24 game release date?

EA Sports has revealed that the F1 24 game will be officially released on the 31st May 2024. This is the date when players will be able to play the official F1 24 game for the first time, however, you can gain early access.

Gain early access with the Champions Edition

If you want to get access to F1 24 earlier than the release date, you can pre-order the F1 24 Champions Edition. This will grant you a variety of in-game content including 18,000 Pit Coins. But most importantly, the Champions Edition will give you 3 days early access, letting you play F1 24 from the 28th May.

F1 24 Champions Edition Pre Order Bonuses

F1 24 first reveal trailer

Below is the official reveal trailer for the new F1 24 game. It shows the first look at the 2024 Formula 1 cars on track with some preview footage. It also reveals the official release date and gives players the option to pre-order F1 24.

New features in F1 24

Along with revealing the new Formula 1 game for the first time, Codemasters and EA Sports has also revealed a few key details about this year’s F1 24 game. There will be a change to the handling model, an all-new career mode and more.

New handling model

EA Sports has teased a new handling model called dynamic handling. So far, we know that this will deliver more authentic handling, leading us to believe that F1 24 will contain more realistic sim racing elements.

The new dynamic handling is said to have updated the physics to give you more control over your car. This will allow your own driving style to impact how the car behaves while on track, and ultimately affect your race strategy.

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All signs are pointing towards more of a realistic handling model in F1 24. The hints towards driving style affecting race strategy lead us to believe that there will be a bigger punishment for driving in more of an arcade fashion, which could result in excess tyre wear.

F1 24 Gameplay reveal

New career mode

The F1 24 reveal trailer teased at a revamped career mode. It states that there will be an all-new driver career mode with new gameplay that is rooted in the sport. What this is pointing towards, we’re not sure. It sounds like the career mode will be a step away from the Braking Point story that we have seen previously.

This could be much more of an RPG-like experience where you get to create your own driver and take them towards the championship across a number of seasons. This would be instead of the heavily scripted Braking Point modes from previous F1 games.

2024 liveries available in F1 23

To celebrate the start of the 2024 Formula 1 season, EA Sports are adding some 2024 car liveries into F1 23. These will be available for a limited time, but are designed to celebrate the announcement of F1 24 and the start of the season.

You will be able to access a range of 2024 liveries including the Alpine, McLaren, Williams and Haas being available to drive in time trial mode.

F1 2024 livery in F1 23

Full F1 24 reveal happening in April

We will have to wait a little bit longer before we get a full game reveal. There is a reveal scheduled for April 2024, which is a full month before the game’s release. Hopefully the full April reveal of F1 24 will include more information about the physics and handling model as well as some real gameplay of the cars on track.

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