Best F1 24 Fanatec Wheel Settings: PC, Xbox & PS5

Discover our recommended Fanatec wheel settings for F1 24. Includes optimised settings for all Fanatec racing wheels including the CSL DD, ClubSport DD & more on Xbox, PC and PS5.

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F1 24 Fanatec Wheel Settings

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Fanatec racing wheels are among the most popular in sim racing, especially since the launch of the CSL DD and GT DD Pro wheels a few years ago. Since then, Fanatec has released more premium wheels, including the ClubSport DD+ and Gran Turismo DD Extreme bundles.

Thanks to their popularity, all current Fanatec racing wheels are supported by F1 24 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. Although, you do need to ensure that your racing wheel is compatible with the console you are playing on!

I’ll show you our recommended F1 24 Fanatec settings in this racing wheel settings guide. These settings have been tried and tested on F1 24 with each racing wheel on the relevant console or PC.

Watch our F1 24 Fanatec setting video

Below is our video showing how to set up a Fanatec wheel using the calibration, vibration and Fanalab settings.

Will changing my Fanatec wheel settings improve F1 24?

The goal of changing any setting in F1 24 is to improve your experience with the game. When it comes to updating force feedback settings for a racing wheel, the goal is to make the wheel feel as natural and comfortable as possible while providing as much information from the force feedback.

F1 24 does have preset configurations for Fanatec racing wheels. However, these aren’t overly optimised. Our recommended settings are designed to improve the base feel from Fanatec wheels.

What settings do I need to change to improve the force feedback?

We will look at a few force feedback settings below. First, you have the in-game F1 24 force feedback settings. These are fairly limited and affect how strong and detailed the game’s feedback is in certain situations. We will adjust these and have recommended settings for all Fanatec wheels below.

The settings that will make the most impact, however, are the Fanatec wheel settings. These can be adjusted on any Fanatec wheel with an in-built screen on either the wheel base or the steering wheel. The Fanatec DD1 and DD2 have screens on the wheel bases directly, whereas many Fanatec steering wheels also have screens.

Fanatec wheel settings can also be changed via a PC from Fanalab or the Fanatec Control Panel. If you are racing on a console, it is much easier to do this directly through the wheel so you don’t need to disconnect your Fanatec wheel from your PS5 or Xbox console.

Using a more optimised car setup in F1 24 can also increase your speed and control in this years game. Browse all of our free F1 24 car setups to find the perfect setup for your next race.

Fanatec F1 24 calibration settings

The calibration settings are designed for you to make adjustments to your wheel and pedal inputs. You can adjust elements such as the deadzones and saturation to change how your inputs are translated in game.

With any Fanatec racing wheel, there is a setting that I’d recommend changing and that is the steering linearity.

There has been a lot of talk about people adjusting the steering rate with a Fanatec wheel. This is a setting that is designed for controllers, and it affects the overall sensitivity of steering inputs, which, with a controller, can be hard to dial in.

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I’ve played about with this moving it the extreme left and right, and through my testing, I’m convinced this setting does absolutely nothing. My steering felt exactly the same with it set to its lowest value and its highest value. You can play about with it and some players are saying it changes things, but I’m not convinced. So leave this set to 100%.

One setting that does make a definite difference is the steering linearity. Adjusting this will affect the input curve of your steering. Higher values will mean that the initial part of your steering input will translate to less in-game input. This can give you slightly more control over your initial inputs. I like this set to just 5% or so to give a little more progression.

You’ll see from my settings that I also have some throttle and brake adjustments. These are to combat some deadzone issues with my Simucube pedals. And the brake linearity gives slightly more gradual brake control, much like the steering linearity that I just spoke about.

Recommended Fanatec settings – CSL DD & GT DD Pro

I will start by showing you our recommended settings for two of the most popular Fanatec wheels, the CSL DD and GT DD Pro. These racing wheels have been around for a good number of years and are the most accessible wheels Fanatec sell due to their lower price points.

Read our Fanatec buyer’s guide where I run through the entire ecosystem, sharing our recommendations for the best Fanatec wheels you can buy.

Fanatec settings for the CSL DD & GT DD Pro:

First, I have our recommended Fanatec tuning menu settings for the CSL DD and GT DD Pro. You can adjust these settings directly on the racing wheel or via the Fanatec software on your PC. Then, just below, I have listed our recommended in-game F1 24 wheel settings.

Tuning menu settingPC/PS5Xbox
SEN (Sensitivity)380°380°
FFB (Force Feedback)100100
FFS (Force Feedback Scaling)PeakPeak
NDP (Natural Damper)3550
NFR (Natural Friction)OffOff
NIN (Natural Inertia)OffOff
INT (Interpolation Filter)33
FEI (Force Effect Intensity)100100
FOR (Force)100N/A
SPR (Spring)100N/A
DPR (Damper)100N/A
F1 24 In-game settings
Vibration & FFBOnOn
Vibration & FFB Strength7065
On Track Effects3030
Rumble Strip Effects3030
Off Track Effects1515
Wheel Damper35
Wheel Rotation (F1)380°380°

Recommended Fanatec settings – ClubSport DD & DD+

Next, I’ll look at the most recent Fanatec wheels to have been launched. These have only recently become available to buy, meaning many may not have played an F1 game using the ClubSport DD or DD+.

Our F1 24 wheel settings below show both the ClubSport DD and DD+. We tested the ClubSport DD on an Xbox and the ClubSport DD+ on a PS5. However, both wheels are compatible with a PC, so you can use the same settings.

Tuning menu settingClubSport DDClubSport DD+
SEN (Sensitivity)380°380°
FFB (Force Feedback)7060
FUL (FullForce)50%50%
NDP (Natural Damper)5040
NFR (Natural Friction)OffOff
NIN (Natural Inertia)OffOff
INT (Interpolation Filter)1111
FEI (Force Effect Intensity)100100
FOR (Force)100100
SPR (Spring)100100
DPR (Damper)100100
F1 24 In-game settings
Vibration & FFBOnOn
Vibration & FFB Strength100100
On Track Effects2020
Rumble Strip Effects1010
Off Track Effects55
Wheel Damper22
Wheel Rotation (F1)380°380°

Recommended Fanatec settings – DD1 & DD2

Finally, we have recommended F1 24 settings for the two most powerful Fanatec wheels, the DD1 and DD2. Both of these direct drive wheels are among the most powerful that are compatible with F1 24 outside of uber premium wheels from brands such as Simucube.

Our settings for the DD1 were created using a PC, and the DD2 were created using an Xbox. Both racing wheels are compatible with F1 24 on PC and Xbox, while the Podium F1 version of the DD1 is also compatible with PS5.

Tuning menu settingFanatec DD1Fanatec DD2
SEN (Sensitivity)390°390°
FFB (Force Feedback)5045
FFS (Force Feedback Scaling)PeakPeak
NDP (Natural Damper)1515
NFR (Natural Friction)OffOff
NIN (Natural Inertia)OffOff
INT (Interpolation Filter)32
FEI (Force Effect Intensity)100100
FOR (Force)100100
SPR (Spring)100100
DPR (Damper)100100
F1 24 In-game settings
Vibration & FFBOnOn
Vibration & FFB Strength100100
On Track Effects2015
Rumble Strip Effects3030
Off Track Effects105
Wheel Damper32
Wheel Rotation (F1)390°390°

How do you get your Fanatec wheel working in F1 24?

All of the Fanatec wheels that I have created force feedback settings for above are compatible with F1 24 across various consoles and PCs.

F1 24 has preset configurations installed for each Fanatec wheel, including default settings and button mapping. However, for a slightly better experience, I recommend jumping in and adjusting the settings using the recommendations above.

To set up any Fanatec racing wheel in F1 24, follow these steps;

  1. Mount your wheel and connect it to your PC or console, then turn it on
  2. If connected to a PC, ensure you update the firmware of your wheel via the Fanatec Control Panel software
  3. Update the wheel settings via the tuning menu on your wheel or via the Fanatec Control Panel
  4. Input our recommended F1 24 in-game wheel settings for your wheel
  5. Perform a button test to ensure your wheel is working as expected
  6. Update any button mapping or inputs to your own preference

Following the steps above will ensure you get up and running quickly with your Fanatec racing wheel in F1 24.

Do I need to update Fanatec firmware if I am playing F1 24 on an Xbox or PS5?

One question I get asked a lot is whether you should update the firmware for your Fanatec racing wheel when playing on a console. Generally, you don’t need to do this as everything should work right away.

However, I do recommend connecting your wheel to a PC and checking if a firmware update is available. Updating the wheel’s firmware can enable new features and fix some issues so I’d recommend doing it periodically.

Which Fanatec racing wheel is best for F1 24?

When it comes to Fanatec wheels, you essentially have three options despite them offering more than three wheels. You can choose either of the two entry-level Fanatec wheels which are the CSL DD and GT DD Pro.

These two wheels are the cheapest Fanatec wheels you can buy and let you buy into the ecosystem without spending too much. The GT DD Pro comes in an 8Nm form, while you can buy the CSL DD with peak performance of either 5Nm or 8Nm. I would recommend the 8Nm version, however this does cost more.

Then, you have the option of Fanatec’s mid-range wheels, the ClubSport DD and DD+. Both of these racing wheels are the newest that Fanatec has released, and they carry a pretty high price tag. However, they have the newest internal technology and offer outstanding performance in F1 24.

Finally, you have the choice of the two most premium Fanatec wheels, the DD1 and DD2. These wheels can be hard to get hold of as it appears Fanatec is starting to discontinue both wheels. Both of these wheels remain excellent premium choices for F1 24.

Read our Fanatec buyer’s guide for more information on each of the racing wheels that you can buy.

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