F1 24 Controls Guide for PC, PlayStation & Xbox

Discover all of the controls for F1 24 on PC, PS5 and Xbox. I'll run through what each button does along with how to adjust the controller settings to configure the controller to your preference.

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F1 23 Controller button mapping

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Picking up the F1 24 game can be daunting. After all, Formula 1 cars reach incredible speeds of over 200mph! Learning to control an F1 car using a controller can be tricky, but after a few laps with the right controller settings, you should start to feel more comfortable.

In this F1 24 guide, I’ll explain what each button and input on your controller does and how they affect your car in the game. I’ll also show you how to change the controller settings and personalise your controller in F1 24.

Read our F1 24 controller settings guide for our recommendations on which settings to change when first hitting the track.

Default F1 24 controller layout

Before discussing how to change your controller settings, I want to show you the default button mapping in F1 24. Below is the individual button mapping for F1 24 on Xbox, PS5, and PC. You can change this button mapping, and I’ll explain how further in this guide.

Steer LeftLeft stickLeft stick,
Steer RightLeft stickLeft stick.
Gear UpAXSpace
Gear DownXSquareShift
Next CameraRBR1C
Camera Free LookRight stickRight stickN/A
Look BackR3R3End
Pit LimiterYTriangleF
Radio CommandsLBL1T
Multi-Function DisplayD-padD-padNum. 0
Push to TalkD-padD-padS
MFD Menu UpUpUpUp arrow
MFD Menu DownDownDownDown arrow
MFD Menu RightRightRightRight arrow
MFD Menu LeftLeftLeftLeft arrow
F1 23 Controller button mapping

F1 24 racing wheel controls

The controller inputs above are the default control methods for using a controller or a keyboard with PC. You may want to race F1 24 with a racing wheel.

Below are the default inputs for most racing wheels, although some wheels may have their own presets available. The important thing to note with a racing wheel is that many will have their own preset, and with all wheels, you can create a completely unique button configuration depending on which inputs your steering wheel has.

Check if your racing wheel is compatible with F1 24 in our racing wheel compatibility guide.

ActionRacing wheel input
AccelerateThrottle Pedal
BrakeBrake Pedal
Steer LeftSteering Wheel Turned Left
Steer RightSteering Wheel Turned Right
Gear UpRight Paddle Shifter
Gear DownLeft Shifter Paddle
ClutchClutch Pedal
Next CameraR3
Camera Free LookFunky Switch (If your wheel has one)
Look BackR2
Pit LimiterL2
Radio CommandsSquare/X
Multi-Function DisplayO/B

How to change your button mapping in F1 24 with any controller or racing wheel

While the default button layouts above are standard the first time you start F1 24 with a controller or a racing wheel. Every input can be customised and changed to create your own configuration.

I highly recommend doing this, as some of the default button mapping isn’t ideal, especially with a keyboard and a racing wheel. Changing the inputs and button mapping on a racing wheel will vary heavily depending on the available inputs.

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Some steering wheels have encoders, joysticks, and other inputs, while others have fewer inputs. Unfortunately, when racing F1 24 on an Xbox, you will be limited to the default buttons on a steering wheel, as Xbox consoles don’t currently recognise additional buttons.

To make adjustments to your button mapping, follow the guide below.

  1. Go to the settings menu from the main menu or the in-game pause menu.
  2. Then head into the ‘Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback’ settings.
  3. Choose the controller profile that you are using or create a new one to start from scratch.
  4. Scroll up and down the button mapping list to find the input you wish to assign.
  5. Click on the input.
  6. Then press the new input on your racing wheel or controller that you wish to assign.
  7. Once happy, exit this screen and be sure to save your controller profile.

Calibrating and changing force feedback

In addition to adjusting the button mapping, you can calibrate your controller to ensure it is working correctly and adjust various calibration and force feedback settings. Changing these settings can drastically affect how your controller or racing wheel feels while racing in F1 24.

F1 24 Calibration controller settings

I won’t run through all calibration and force feedback settings here as we have a detailed guide for each of these areas. Follow the quick links below to our detailed calibration and force feedback guides. These will be updated as we create them.


Understanding your controller and just what every input does is an important step to mastering F1 24. Remember that you can change any of the default controller inputs to something that feels more natural to you. I’d recommend reading our controller settings guide to get started on creating the perfect F1 24 controller layout and settings.

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