F1 24 Complete Track List: All Confirmed Tracks

In this guide, I look at all of the tracks that will be in this year's F1 24 game. I'll see if there will be any bonus tracks included and if important track changes will have been made.

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F1 24 Melbourne Track

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The Formula 1 calendar is pretty diverse in 2024. It features a range of tracks from classic circuits to modern street tracks and new additions such as Las Vegas which saw its first Grand Prix last year. All of these tracks that make up the 2024 calendar have been confirmed to be included in F1 24 at launch on the 31st May 2024.

In the guide below I’ll list all of the tracks included in F1 24, as well as a few details about bonus tracks and the potential of some tracks being updated.

F1 24 Complete track list

Below is a list of all tracks that will be included in F1 24. We know for sure that every track on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar will be included as all of these tracks have appeared in a previous Formula 1 game.

  • Bahrain – Bahrain International Circuit – 2nd March
  • Saudi Arabia – Jeddah Corniche Circuit – 9th March
  • Australia – Albert Park – 24th March
  • Japan – Suzuka – 7th April
  • China – Shanghai International Circuit – 21st April
  • Miami – Miami International Autodrome – 5th May
  • Emilia Romagna – Imola Circuit – 19th May
  • Monaco – Circuit de Monaco – 26th May
  • Canada – Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – 9th June
  • Spain – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 23rd June
  • Austria – Red Bull Ring – 30th June
  • Britain – Silverstone Circuit – 7th July
  • Hungary – Hungaroring – 21st July
  • Belgium – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – 28th July
  • Netherlands – Circuit Zandvoort – 25th August
  • Italy – Monza Circuit – 1st September
  • Azerbaijan – Baku City Circuit – 15th September
  • Singapore – Marina Bay Street Circuit – 22nd September
  • United States – Circuit of the Americas – 20th October
  • Mexico – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez – 27th October
  • Brazil – Interlagos Circuit – 3rd November
  • Las Vegas – Las Vegas Street Circuit – 23rd November
  • Qatar – Lusail International Circuit – 1st December
  • Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina Circuit – 8th December
Bonus tracks

Below are a few bonus tracks that have been in the past few F1 games and may be included in F1 24.

  • Portimao, Portugal
  • Paul Ricard, France

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Are there any new tracks in F1 24?

Last year’s F1 game felt a bit fresh with a few new tracks being added to the calendar. Both Losail in Qatar and Las Vegas in the States were new tracks that had never been in an EA Sports F1 game before.

This year’s Formula 1 calendar doesn’t feature any new tracks for the first time in a while. All 24 races on the calendar are at tracks that have been on the calendar before and therefore in a previous F1 game.

Are F1 24 tracks laser scanned?

For the past few years, sim racers have been calling for the tracks in the F1 games to be laser-scanned. Currently, the majority of tracks are handmade rather than using laser scanning techniques such as LiDAR. There hasn’t been any confirmation of whether any tracks in F1 24 will be laser-scanned.

We are hoping that a lot of the tracks do get updated, as there are some quite obvious differences between the handmade tracks in the F1 games vs the real tracks. You can see from the images below just how different turn 2 at the Bahrain International Circuit is in F1 23 vs real life.

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The kerb in F1 23 is much wider and flatter and doesn’t include details and reference points such as the inside bollard. This corner alone makes a big difference to a driver’s approach to turn 2 and the straight that follows.

Images above are courtesy of Marcel Fischer who has created a detailed comparison of the track differences in F1 23. Watch the entire video here.

Will Portugal or Paul Ricard be in F1 24?

Both Portugal and Paul Ricard have been absent from the Formula 1 calendar for a couple of years. However, due to Codemasters already having all of the track data and the models built from previous games, they were included in last year’s F1 game.

It is highly likely that both Portugal and Paul Ricard will also be included in F1 24 as a couple of bonus tracks. If they are included, they would be playable in Grand Prix mode as well as time trial, and could also be used in a custom championship season.

Another bonus track from last year was China. However, the 2024 season sees the return of the Shanghai International circuit to the calendar, meaning it will appear in F1 24 as a track and as part of all season modes.

Will the updated Singapore track be in F1 24?

During 2023, the Singapore track layout was changed to accommodate some construction work near the circuit. This resulted in a shorter track layout, and this was implemented into F1 23 part-way through the season.

The new layout of Singapore will be fully implemented into F1 24 from the start of the game’s launch. This update removes the old turns 16-19 which were two slower chicanes. Instead, there is a much straighter run between turn 14 and the new turn 16 with a slight kink in between. During our playtesting in F1 23, this layout change accounted for around a 7-second difference in lap times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the new Singapore track be included?

The Singapore track layout was updated for the 2023 season due to construction work. This track update was implemented in F1 23, and will also be included in the F1 24 game at launch.

Will France and Portugal be in F1 24?

Last year there were a few bonus tracks that included Paul Ricard in France and Portugal. These were tracks that had previously been included in F1 games, but weren’t on the 2023 calendar. It is highly likely that these tracks will also be included in F1 24 as Codemasters has all of the data for the tracks and has to do little work to include them in this year’s game.

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