F1 24 Silverstone Car Setup (Updated After Handling Patch)

Here is our optimised F1 24 Silverstone car setup, updated after the handling patch. This setup has been designed specifically for races, ensuring good pace and tyre wear.

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F1 24 Silverstone Setup

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Update: This setup has been created after the big handling patch.

Silverstone is a track that provides great racing with a few good overtaking opportunities and an extremely high speed layout. You’ll find a good mixture of corner types including the fast Suzuka-esque Maggotts, Becketts, Chapel sequence and the much slower in field segment.

This tests your car in many ways leading to a rather balanced car setup. Prioritising medium levels of downforce and a solid suspension setup are key to success.

Best Great Britain setup for F1 24

Below is our recommended British car setup for Silverstone in this year’s F1 24 game. The British GP is a race where you’ll be testing the high-speed limits of your car. A mid-to-high downforce car setup will allow you to carry incredibly high minimum corner speeds around Silverstone. It was updated after the big update to F1 24 that changed how the cars handle.

Here is our recommended F1 24 Silverstone setup which has been designed for races, not time trial and has been created using a racing wheel.

Front wing33
Rear wing24
Differential adjustment on throttle60%
Differential adjustment off throttle40%
Engine Braking70%
Suspension Geometry
Front camber-3.50°
Rear camber-2.20°
Front toe-out0.00°
Rear toe-in0.17°
Front suspension38
Rear suspension5
Front anti-roll bar18
Rear anti-roll bar13
Front ride height26
Rear ride height58
Brake pressure100%
Front brake bias55%
Front right tyre pressure28.5psi
Front left tyre pressure29.5psi
Rear right tyre pressure26.5psi
Rear left tyre pressure26.5psi

Watch our recommended F1 24 Silverstone car setup video

Below is a run-through of our F1 24 Great Britain car setup.

Aerodynamic setup

Starting with the aerodynamic setup, I have opted for an approach of 33 and 24. Silverstone is incredibly high speed, however, to put in the fastest lap time, you’ll need a good amount of downforce. It is quite similar to the Red Bull Ring in that way that despite the fast track layout, more downforce is actually key.

Reducing your aero setup will result in higher top speeds on the approach to Stowe and Brooklands, but you will lose more performance through the twisty bits.

Transmission setup

Following our Austrian car setup, the transmission looks very similar. An on-throttle differential setup of 60% provides good traction without resulting in a car that is too prone to snapping under acceleration. The off-throttle differential is set to 40% for good slow speed rotation, and the engine braking of 70% is quickly becoming my favourite setup approach.

F1 24 Britain Gameplay

Suspension geometry setup

With pretty much all F1 24 car setups now, setting the camber all the way left is the fastest option regardless of which track you’re at. You can move your camber further right if you ever find tyre wear is an issue.

Then set your toe to 0.0 at the front and 0.17 at the rear. This is designed to keep the rear of the car a little more stable through the slower corners such as Luffield. This is almost a little bit of a safety net that prevents the rear of the car over rotating or losing traction as often.

Suspension setup

I’ve set the suspension to 38 and 5 for the best responsiveness and gone with high anti-roll bars of 18 and 13. This is among the highest I’ve used up until now, and is due to the incredibly fast direction changes. This stiff approach will keep your car planted and can greatly improve your mid-corner speed.

Go with a ride height of 26 and 58. This is generally as low as we can go around Silverstone. Beware of a few nasty bumps, especially the one on the far right of the track on the straight just before Brooklands. This bump will cause your car to hit the track and lose a little speed.

Brake setup

Our brake setup is pretty normal with 100% brake pressure and 55% brake bias. This approach is good around Silverstone in F1 24 as it provides great deceleration without risking a front lockup.

Tyre pressure setup

Rounding out this F1 24 car setup are the tyre pressures. I’ve set all pressures to maximum other than the front right which I’ve lowered to 28.5psi to help it get up to temperature during a race.

If you do find your self suffering from too much tyre wear, there are a few things you can change. Try softening your anti roll bar setup, softening your front suspension and reducing the amount of camber you run. All of these things will result in slightly less pure performance, but can help manage your tyre wear and temperatures a little better.

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