F1 24 Beta: How To Sign Up For The F1 24 Beta & Play Early

Discover how to sign up to the F1 24 beta, along with the dates that the beta will be held on, what content you'll be able to access and more.

F1 24 Gameplay reveal

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You can currently drive a selection of 2024 Formula 1 cars in the F1 23 thanks to EA Sports releasing some official 2024 liveries into F1 23. It isn’t quite the same as playing the upcoming F1 24 game.

The beta is the first chance that most of us will get to try out the new F1 24 game before it launches on the 31st May 2024. In this guide, I’ll look at all of the confirmed information about the F1 24 beta as well as how to sign up.

Will there be an F1 24 beta?

It has been officially confirmed that there will be an F1 24 beta that will be open to the public. Currently, we know of three individual F1 24 betas. There are three beta sessions scheduled where the public can register to join.

The three F1 24 beta sessions will be held on;

  • 9AM GMT 12th April – 9PM GMT 15th April
  • 9AM GMT 3rd May – 9PM GMT 6th May
  • 9AM GMT 17th May – 9PM GMT 20th May

You can register to join any of these sessions, or all of them if you wish. Registering doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be selected to take part in the F1 24 beta on the date you choose, however, it is the only way to potentially be invited to the F1 24 beta events.

F1 24 beta dates

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What will be included in an F1 24 beta?

Generally, EA Sports and Codemasters in the past have used their beta periods to test out specific areas of their games. In F1 23, the majority of the beta was focused on online racing, with server load testing, online stability and the lobby system being a priority.

Real car liveries

There almost certainly won’t be any real 2024 Formula 1 liveries in the F1 24 beta. Instead, the only car that will likely be driveable will be the generic FOM car that is available in the My Team modes. The real 2024 car models and liveries will all be held until the official F1 24 launch.

Can you capture F1 24 beta footage?

The purpose of beta testing any game is to obtain feedback from beta testers as well as testing various parts of an upcoming game. The F1 24 beta is no different, with the online stress testing being a big part of the upcoming betas as well as bug fixing and troubleshooting.

The F1 24 beta isn’t designed to be used to promote the upcoming game, and EA are very strict on beta testers recording or sharing footage. In previous years EA Sports has banned beta testers who openly share footage online, meaning recording and sharing any footage is not advised.

Available game modes

The only sessions that are likely to be available in the F1 24 beta will be online lobbies, and possibly a single player time trial style mode. We doubt leaderboards will be active, meaning any offline driving will be to test the in game engine along with catching any bugs or technical issues.

In previous F1 betas, multiplayer has been the primary focus with scheduled online lobbies being available. These are normally staged at set intervals allowing beta testers to join and participate in online practice and race sessions.

Bug reporting

Outside of stress testing servers, bug reporting and technical stability will be core elements of the F1 24 beta. All beta testers will be asked for feedback during and after beta sessions, giving players the opportunity to report any issues or bugs. These reports are important to allow the developers at Codemasters to attempt to fix certain bugs before the official game launch in May.

How to sign up for the F1 24 beta?

Registering for the F1 24 beta is incredibly easy to do. All you need is an EA account, which many gamers may already have. If you do have an account you’ll need to log in to the EA playtesting website to register. If you don’t have an account, you can create one and then apply to participate in the F1 24 beta.

  1. Log in to your EA account

    Visit the EA playtesting website and either log in to your EA account or register for a new account. You’ll then be taken to your dashboard where you’ll see upcoming playtests that you’re eligible to register for.

    EA Account log in

  2. Select the F1 24 playtest

    From your dashboard, you should see the F1 24 playtest available as an option to register for. Simply click the playtest titled “F1 24 Closed Beta” and you will be taken to the sign up form.

    F1 24 beta registration

  3. Complete the application process

    You will then be asked a few questions such as which platform you would like to participate on. There is the choice of all the main platforms including Steam, Xbox and PS5. Follow the sign up process and answer all questions.

  4. Select the playtest session you wish to join

    The last step of registering for the F1 24 playtest is to choose a session to join. There are currently three F1 24 closed beta sessions to participate in. You can select all of them or just the ones you wish to participate in. Once this step is complete, finish the application.

  5. Watch for an email

    If you have been chosen to participate in any playtests, you will receive an email from EA to confirm. Follow any instructions on the email to download the game and join the playtests. You’ll also be given a list of things to look out for or tasks you can do during the beta.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there be an F1 24 beta?

There are three current F1 24 beta sessions confirmed. These will be closed betas to be held during April and May.

How will I know if I get into the F1 24 beta?

After successfully applying to participate in any F1 24 beta, you will be sent an email if you have been chosen to participate. The email will contain instructions on how to get started with the playtest.

When is the first F1 24 beta?

The first F1 24 beta is confirmed for the 12th-15th April 2024. You can register for this or any subsequent playtests using the steps in this guide.

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