F1 24 Realistic Cockpit Camera Settings

Discover the best cockpit camera settings for F1 24. These cockpit cam settings replicate the real perspective that a driver sees from behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

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F1 24 cockpit camera

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For those looking to race F1 24 from a realistic camera angle, the cockpit camera is the way to go. It best represents what a real-world Formula 1 driver will see by putting you directly behind the wheel.

Real Formula 1 broadcasts are starting to use helmet cameras throughout a race weekend, which gives us a real glimpse of what a driver sees behind the wheel. The helmet cameras are incredibly impressive as they show the chaos of driving a Formula 1 car much more than an on board TV pod camera does.

In this guide, I’m going to show you our recommended F1 24 cockpit camera settings for the best cockpit camera angle. I’ll analyse a real-world helmet cam from Max Verstappen and replicate that in F1 24. Then, I’ll make some adjustments to show you our recommended cockpit camera settings.

Real-world Formula 1 helmet camera

I’m going to start by analysing a real helmet cam. This is the closest most of us will ever get to sitting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, so its our best reference point when creating realistic cockpit camera settings.

Below is an image of Max Verstappen’s helmet cam at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2024. This camera is offset to one side, which is due to the placement within Max’s helmet. We will have to make some adjustments to our camera settings to bring this angle back to center.

F1 24 Max Verstappen Helmet Camera

Some of the key parts of this footage to look at are how much of the steering wheel, the wheels and the mirrors can be seen from this angle.

You can see that Max has good visibility out of the cockpit and down towards the nose of the car, and he has a less complete view of his steering wheel with only the top 50% really visible. We can also see how much of the top of the tyres Max can see.

Replicating the helmet cam in F1 24

So, moving over to F1 24, we can immediately make some initial adjustments. It’s important to note that these first settings are designed to replicate the helmet cam as closely as possible. I will make some adjustments to these in a minute to make driving with the cockpit camera a little easier.

F1 24 Cockpit Camera Realistic Helmet Cam

I have moved the camera closer to the steering wheel and positioned it so we have similar visibility over the steering wheel and of the front tyres.

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You can see from this angle, that a lot of the side visibility has been lost. We cannot see our mirrors or much of the track around the car. If you are racing in VR, this camera angle works perfectly as you can rotate your head to look in your mirrors, just as a real-world F1 driver would.

However, if you are racing using normal 16:9 monitor or a TV, this camera angle may be less than ideal. It can be very hard to see cars around you, and you’ll have to rely heavily on the arrows on the screen to be aware of where other cars are.

Realistic cockpit cam settings

The settings below are the settings I have used to realistically replicate the helmet camera in F1 24.

Field of View-11
Offset Lateral0
Offset Horizontal4
Offset Vertical5
Near Clip Plane0
Mirror Angle0
Camera Shake0
Camera Movement10
Look to Apex Limit10
Halo ColumnOn

Recommended cockpit cam settings

Now, I’m not convinced that realistically replicating the helmet camera settings provides the best cockpit camera settings in F1 24. For me, they are too close to the steering wheel and they limit visibility too much.

I’d make some key changes to improve visibility and produce what I think are the best cockpit camera settings. You can view my recommended cockpit camera settings below.

Field of View-4
Offset Lateral0
Offset Horizontal4
Offset Vertical5
Near Clip Plane0
Mirror Angle0
Camera Shake0
Camera Movement10
Look to Apex Limit5
Halo ColumnOff

The main change I have made is to the field of view. I have lowered it to bring more of the cockpit and more of the track into view. This opens up the cockpit camera a little, giving you much more awareness of what is happening around you.

Making this change still gives us the same amount of visibility of the front tyres and the nose of the car, keeping the same realistic viewpoint. Now, however, we can see more of the corners as we approach and better position our car on the track thanks to the increased field of view.

I also recommend lowering the look to apex limit down. This will reduce the effect of the camera rotating in towards a corner. As we have more visibility, we don’t need to rely as heavily on the look to apex to bring the corners into view.

Should I remove the halo column or keep it enabled?

The halo column can be an issue when driving F1 24 using the cockpit camera. You can choose to turn the column off which will show more of the track ahead of you. This isn’t realistic, however, it can be a necessity as when racing using a monitor, it does block a lot of your view.

Choosing whether to keep the halo column visible or not is a personal preference decision. I would disable it to increase the amount of information we can see. However, those striving for ultimate realism may like to keep the column enabled.

Using an F1 24 car setup can help when driving in cockpit cam

Switching to racing with the cockpit camera view can be a tricky adjustment. Everything seems faster and you can see less of the track. Having a stable car that is easier to drive can really help make the transition easier.

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Hopefully, these cockpit camera settings will improve your F1 24 experience when driving from behind the wheel. This is a fantastic camera view to choose from, especially if realism is important. However, the cockpit camera can be tricky to set up. Our recommended camera settings should give you the best combination of visibility and realism.

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