F1 24 Austria Car Setup (Updated After Handling Patch)

Here is our optimised F1 24 Austrian car setup, updated after the handling patch. This setup has been designed specifically for races, ensuring good pace and tyre wear.

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F1 24 Austria Setup

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Update: This setup has been created after the big handling patch.

The next track up is our first car setup that we haven’t had to update after the handling patch. Spain was the last setup I created before the big v1.3 update released, meaning this car setup is completely fresh. And Austria is the perfect track to jump into.

The Red Bull Ring is an incredibly fast track that lets you attack every corner, pushing the limits of your car and the track. To maximise your mid-corner performance, you’ll want a car setup with relatively high downforce.

Best Red Bull Ring setup for F1 24

Below is our recommended Austrian car setup for the Red Bull Ring in F1 24. This is an incredibly fast track and the shortest in F1 24. Our car setup is designed to create a car that has very good responsiveness to allow for fast minimum corner speeds. It was updated after the big update to F1 24 that changed how the cars handle.

Here is our recommended F1 24 Austrian setup which has been designed for races, not time trial and has been created using a racing wheel.

Front wing36
Rear wing22
Differential adjustment on throttle60%
Differential adjustment off throttle45%
Engine Braking80%
Suspension Geometry
Front camber-3.50°
Rear camber-2.20°
Front toe-out0.05°
Rear toe-in0.05°
Front suspension40
Rear suspension6
Front anti-roll bar11
Rear anti-roll bar9
Front ride height26
Rear ride height56
Brake pressure100%
Front brake bias55%
Front right tyre pressure28.5psi
Front left tyre pressure29.5psi
Rear right tyre pressure26.5psi
Rear left tyre pressure26.5psi

Watch our complete F1 24 Austrian Red Bull Ring car setup video

Below is a run-through of our F1 24 Red Bull Ring car setup.

Aerodynamic setup

Go ahead and set your aerodynamics to 36 and 22. This is a large offset between front and rear wing angles and will let your car be nice and pointy during the initial turn-in phase of the corner.

This isn’t overly aggressive, with a good time trial car setup opting for wings of around 40 and 20. This is a much larger wing gap that lets the car rotate quickly but does create a harder to drive car due to the lower rear aerodynamics.

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    The rest of our car setup will balance rear stability, allowing us to really throw the car into corners without worrying about the rear of the car stepping out of line.

    You may find that you are lacking a couple of MPH down the straights with this setup. However, you will be so much faster than the AI during the corners. If you get to the front of the grid, you will be able to simply drive away from the AI, even when set to 110 difficulty.

    Transmission setup

    I have opted for a 60% on-throttle differential for good traction and a 45% off-throttle differential setup. This gives you a good push out of the faster corners, and traction out of turn 3 isn’t too hard to find this year.

    Then set the engine braking aggressively high at 80% for really good ERS recovery. This also helps slow your car better in the braking zones.

    F1 24 Austria Gameplay

    Suspension geometry setup

    We want to aim for really good minimum corner speeds at the Red Bull Ring, so go with the camber all the way left. Then opt for a toe setup of 0.05 on both front and rear. This keeps the car stable at the rear, while giving a little boost to our responsiveness. If you plan on running a higher front wing for a time trial setup, you can remove all front toe.

    Suspension setup

    The suspension setup starts with the front set to 40 and rear set to 6. I’ve then gone with pretty low anti-roll bars at 11 and 9. This helps keep the rear of the car stable through the longer corners. Increasing this does make the car a little more twitchy and prone to snapping mid-corner.

    Then go with a ride height of 26 and 56 which is high enough to let you ride up and over the kerb around the Red Bull Ring.

    Brake setup

    Opt for 100% brake pressure like normal and a brake bias of 55%. There are only really three big braking zones around the Red Bull Ring, and each of these benefit from a more forward brake bias setup. You shouldn’t find yourself locking a wheel under braking with this approach.

    Tyre pressure setup

    With the tyre pressures, run them all at maximum pressure other than the front right. I have decreased this tyre down to 28.5psi as it can struggle for tyre temperature as it isn’t overly used during a lap of the Red Bull Ring.

    That rounds out our Austrian car setup. Along with Bahrain and Jeddah, this setup allowed me to really pull away from the AI, even when set to 110 difficulty, as the AI isn’t hugely competitive through the fast corners in the middle and last sector of the lap.

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