F1 24 Best Asetek Wheel Settings

F1 24 is a game that performs incredibly well with a high-powered Asetek racing wheel. Tweaking a few force feedback settings can bring the La Prima, Forte and Invicta wheel bases to life. Here are our recommended F1 24 Asetek settings.

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F1 24 Asetek Wheel Settings

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Asetek Sim Sports released its range of direct drive racing wheels a few years ago, with three wheels that all use the same architecture. Asetek worked alongside other sim racing brands to produce some of the very best sim racing wheels available.

The La Prima, Forte and Invicta racing wheels are all direct drive wheels that offer different levels of performance at different price ranges. Each of these racing wheels works perfectly in F1 24 on PC, giving other sim racing brands a real run for their money.

In this F1 24 settings guide, I’ll look at our recommended Asetek wheel settings for each of the three Asetek wheels. These settings will help optimise the force feedback, making the on-track racing even more immersive.

Asetek F1 24 Wheel Settings

Optimizing our Asetek wheel settings in F1 24 is a two-stage process. You can change the force feedback settings directly in F1 24, and these affect different areas of the game, from the track detail to the overall force feedback strength.

You can also adjust various settings in Asetek’s own software, Race Hub. The free software is available with any purchase of an Asetek product and can be found on the Asetek website. Race Hub ensures that your hardware is up-to-date and has the correct firmware and gives you more in-depth options to adjust various settings.

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Inside Race Hub, you can adjust force feedback settings in more detail, allowing you to tailor your wheel settings. You can also configure your button mapping and change other settings, such as how the rev lights function and the RGB colours on your wheel base and steering wheel.

F1 24 In-game settingsLa PrimaForteInvicta
Vibration & FFBOnOnOn
Vibration & FFB Strength957050
On Track Effects302015
Rumble Strip Effects353030
Off Track Effects251510
Pit Stop Effects505050
Wheel Damper000
Wheel Rotation (F1)390° 390° 390° 

Below are our recommended Race Hub settings. These can be adjusted to give you more control over how your force feedback feels. F1 24 doesn’t give too many settings to tweak other than overall force strength and surface details, so Race Hub is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune our wheel settings.

Race Hub settingsLa PrimaForteInvicta
Steering Range390° 390° 390° 
Bumpstop HardnessSoftSoftSoft
Bumpstop Range
High Frequency Limit3300Hz3300Hz3300Hz
Cornering Force Assist111
Overall Force12Nm12Nm15Nm
Torque Behavior Prediction111
Torque Acceleration Limit4.0Nm/ms6.7Nm/ms9.4Nm/ms

Asetek F1 24 wheel settings explained

If you are happy to set your force feedback settings and forget about them, you can copy our recommendations above. If you do wish to tinker with your settings or understand how each one affects the force feedback, below, I’ll provide more information on each of our choices and what each individual setting does to your racing wheel and its force feedback.

It is worth saying that the Asetek Race Hub software is one of the best pieces of sim racing software with a very intuitive layout and good descriptions for each setting. If you ever get lost within Race Hub, hover your cursor over any setting to see a detailed description of what the setting adjusts.

  • Steering Range: 390°
    The steering range will affect your maximum steering lock. This should always be set to or close to 360° as this is what is used in a real-world Formula 1 car and will give you 180° of rotation in each direction. This has been increased in F1 24 due to the updated handling model.
  • Bumpstop Hardness: Soft
    The bumpstop hardness will affect how the steering wheel feels when you reach the maximum steering lock. I prefer the soft setting as this gives a smoother transition at the full lock position, but you can adjust it to your own preference.
  • Bumpstop Range: 5°
    The bumpstop range adjusts the extra rotation available once you hit maximum lock. At 5°, you get an additional 5° of rotation at the end of the steering wheel’s rotation.
  • High Frequency Limit: 3300 Hz
    The frequency limit is a hard limitation of the force feedback frequency. Asetek themselves recommend setting this to 3300Hz, so that is exactly what we’ve done.
  • Damping: 15% – 10%
    The damping will add some weight to the steering wheel whilst smoothing out some of the force feedback detail. Setting this to around 15-10% will give enough sensation of weight without making your steering wheel feel too heavy.
  • Friction: 5% – 0%
    The friction setting is similar to damping, although its focused more on simulating the friction between the tyres and track surface. For the La Prima wheel, I would recommend the smallest amount, however, the Forte and Invicta wheels don’t need this setting enabled so it can be changed to 0%.
  • Inertia: 1 – Off
    The inertia setting adds a little bit of extra weight to the steering wheel to simulate a real-world steering rack while under load. For the La Prima, a setting of 2 works well, whilst the Forte and Invicta wheels once again don’t need this setting enabled.
  • Cornering Force Assist: 1
    The cornering force assist helps by lowering the overall force strength during sustained loads and longer corners. This can help lower fatigue whilst racing as you won’t need as much strength to hold the steering wheel during a corner. Going with a setting of 1 is more than enough for F1 24.
  • Overall Force: 12Nm – 15Nm
    The overall force setting adjusts the maximum force of your racing wheel. You can adjust this to your own preference. Increasing it will make the force feedback feel stronger, whilst lowering it will lower the maximum strength. For the La Prima, its maximum torque output is 12Nm so set the force setting to that. For the Forte and Invicta, you can tweak it more, but I found that 15Nm for those two racing wheels works well.
  • Torque Behavior Prediction: 1
    The torque behaviour setting adjusts the smoothness of the force feedback. I have left this at 1 which is recommended by Asetek themselves.
  • Torque Acceleration Limit: 6.7 Nm/ms
    The torque acceleration limit refers to the slew rate, and adjust the speed of the force feedback changes. I would maximise this setting for your wheel. For the La Prima the maximum is 4.0Nm/ms, the Forte should be set to 6.7Nm/ms and the Invicta can be set to 9.4Nm/ms.
  • Anti-Oscillation: 5% – 8%
    The anti-oscillation setting is the final setting we’ll tweak in Race Hub. This reduces unwanted shaking and oscillation that can occur on some straights and different parts of the track. The La Prima benefits from this being set to 5%, whilst the Forte and Invicta wheel bases work well with this setting turned off or set to 8%. If you encounter shaking while racing in F1 24, try increasing this setting.

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