F1 23 VR Guide: Is VR Supported? Compatible VR Headsets

In this guide we answer the question of does F1 23 support VR headsets on Xbox, PS5 and PC? We'll also show you the best VR headsets for F1 23 & VR headset compatibility.

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F1 23 VR Support

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F1 22 introduced VR support for the first ever time in an official Formula 1 game, and it was pretty well received. If you had a PC that was capable of the added performance load that VR brings, then VR worked pretty well in F1 22.

So it’s no surprise to see VR return for F1 23. In this guide, I’ll run through everything we know about F1 23 and its VR support. I’ll look at which VR headsets should work with F1 23 on PC, and whether PSVR2 will be supported in this year’s game.

Will F1 23 have VR support?

At this stage in its launch window, we now know that F1 23 will officially support VR headsets, on PC at least. With its introduction in last year’s game and positive reception, its no surprise to see it included in F1 23.

Adding VR to F1 23 makes the racing incredibly immersive, allowing us to truly experience a closer form of wheel-to-wheel racing that a static cockpit camera doesn’t quite allow.

The introduction of VR in F1 games allows those who race in cockpit view to look around the halo that is typically directly in front of your vision blocking some of the race track. Much like in real world Formula 1, your eyes will naturally block out the halo column as you look at the race track in front of you.

One of the best things about VR in F1 23 is the binaural audio which most headsets support. This allows you to immerse yourself in the racing action even further by providing a much more immersive audio landscape, with car engines thundering around you.

If F1 23 does have wide VR support we would expect it to include support for all of the current lineup of VR headsets including the HTC Vive Pro 2, Meta Quest 2 and more. However, the big question is regarding PSVR2 support, and whether we’ll be able to race F1 23 in VR on PS5 for the first time ever.

Will PSVR2 work with F1 23?

It has been confirmed that F1 23 won’t support PSVR2. However, given the introduction of VR support in last year’s game, along with how well Gran Turismo 7 was received on PSVR2, it seems to be a wasted opportunity not to utilise PSVR2.

It is possible that the introduction of PSVR2 is being held off until F1 24 which is rumored to include big game engine changes.

F1 23 compatible VR headsets

When we look at VR headset compatibility with F1 23, we have to look back at the support that last year’s F1 game received, as we currently don’t have confirmation of VR in F1 23.

In last year’s F1 title, we saw pretty good VR headset support which included some of the most popular headsets around.

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The Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2) were both supported, with the Meta Quest 2 requiring a link cable. There was also support for the HTC Vive Pro and Pro 2 which remains one of the best VR headsets for sim racing in 2023.

The VR headsets below should be compatible with F1 23:

The best VR headsets for F1 23

When it comes to recommending the best headsets for F1 23, there are a few headsets which we would always recommend first for sim racers. These VR headsets are among the best you can buy across a few different budget ranges, and they work with multiple sim racing games, giving maximum bang for your buck.

HTC Vive Pro 2

In last year’s F1 game, all current HTC Vive headsets were compatible and worked well. This included the HTC Vive, the Vive Pro, Vive Pro 2 and Vive Cosmos. But our pick of the bunch if you are looking for the very best VR headset for F1 23, would be the HTC Vive Pro 2.

HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC Vive Pro 2 is one of the best-performing VR headsets, making it perfect for high end sim racing. It offers 5k resolution with 2448×2448 pixels in both eyes. And there is a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, or 90Hz if you’re racing with a wireless adapter.

This performance doesn’t come cheap, however, with a starting price of around £779/$799 just for the headset. And you will need a pretty beefy PC to be able to run F1 23 well with the HTC Vive Pro 2. But, when everything falls into place, the immersion on offer from this premium VR headset is truly outstanding.

VR Headset – HTC Vive Pro 2
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £779/$799
Where to buy – Buy from Amazon

Meta Quest 2

Even despite its recent price increase, the Meta Quest 2 remains one of the best budget VR headsets for sim racing available and will work with F1 23. At under £/$400, the Meta Quest 2 includes everything you need to start sim racing in F1 23.

Oculus Quest 2 for sim racing

The Meta Quest 2 may not be the best performing VR headset, however, its accessibility makes it a popular choice for all gamers, as well as sim racers. The pixel performance isn’t quite a challenger for high end headsets such as the HTC Vive Pro 2 with two LCD displays with 1832 x 1920 pixels, one for each eye.

Where the Meta Quest 2 does shine is with its ease of use and setup. It can be used entirely wirelessly using air link and has its own onboard storage and operating system allowing you to game without a PC.

When you set up the Quest 2 with a sim racing title such as F1 23, its a case of simply connecting the link cable and then starting F1 23 in VR mode and away you go.

VR Headset – Meta Quest 2
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £399/$399
Where to buy – Buy from Amazon


Currently, there is no plan for PSVR2 to be supported with F1 23, however, its prominence in marketing the recent release of Gran Turismo 7 established PSVR2 as the best and currently the only way to sim race in VR on a console.

PSVR2 VR headset

PSVR2 really is the first console-compatible VR headset that is capable of running sim racing games well, adding a layer of immersion that console gamers and racers have missed to date.

It was incredibly well received during Gran Turismo 7’s launch, and it performs incredibly well alongside the PS5, to deliver fantastically immersive racing.

We haven’t had any confirmation of whether F1 23 will be PSVR2 compatible, but we’re seriously hoping it will be due to the popularity of this VR headset.

VR Headset – PSVR2
Compatibility – PS5
Price – From £529/$549
Where to buy – Buy from Amazon

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