F1 23 United States Car Setup (COTA): Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for COTA in the USA. This is an immensly enjoyable track to drive, with a little bit of everything. This car setup results in a car which performs well throughout the entire lap.

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F1 23 COTA Setup

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The Circuit of the Americas is easily one of my favourite tracks to drive in F1 23, however, it is also one of my least favourite to create a car setup for. And that is because COTA has a little bit of everything.

There are long straight, combined with fast corners ripped right out of Silverstone and Spa, and then a few very slow corners. All of these elements make creating a car setup for COTA in F1 23 very tricky.

But once you do get around the setup creation process, this track is mightily fun to drive, partly due to the variety throughout a lap.

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Aerodynamic setup

With this Amercian track featuring so many different qualities from long straights to fast and slow corners. Our aero setup will always be a middle ground between them all, without specialising in one particular area.

I have gone with 38 for the front wing aero and 34 on the rear. This is pretty balanced with a focus on front end turn-in ability which is mightily important, especially through the first sweeping sector of the lap.

Transmission setup

The transmission setup is pretty much as low as we can go. I’ve set the on throttle diff to just 52% which will aid with traction out of the slower corners. It is especially important to get a good launch out of turn 11 and onto the long straight which follows.

I have then set the off throttle differential to 50% which will aid rotation into corners as much as possible.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry focuses a lot on reducing understeer as too much understeer is a real killer around COTA. Go with -2.7 and -1 on the camber. And then opt for 0.04 and 0.12 on the toe. Lowering the rear camber and toe will help with both traction and reducing drag.

Suspension setup

Much like the rest of our car setup, I’ve gone for a suspension setup which promotes a really responsive front end. Stiffen the front suspension to 30 while keeping the rear suspension soft at just 8.

Then go with 7 and 1 on the anti-roll bars and 34 and 37 on the ride height.

Brake setup

For the brakes, opt for 100% brake pressure and then go with a slightly more frontward brake bias of 56%. This will help reduce the braking distance, especially in the heavy braking zones such as into turn 1 and turn 12.

Tyre setup

With so many fast and long corners, tyre wear can be an issue. Turns 17-19 in particular will put a lot of strain on your tyres. So lower them all round with 22.5psi on both fronts and 20.3psi on both rears.


And that will finish our car setup of the Circuit of the Americas in F1 23. This track really tests your car in so many ways. This car setup is designed to create a car which doesn’t necessarily excel in any one area but is instead very good throughout the entire lap.

Enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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