First Official F1 23 Teaser Revealed

Codemasters and EA have released the first official look at F1 23, with a teaser image. Here are all of the details about what Codemasters are calling a "Fresh Start" for F1 23.

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F1 23 Game Reveal Teaser

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Today we have had the first official look at this year’s F1 23 game. Codemasters and EA Sports have launched the official F1 23 website and shown us a teaser image, with the headline “Fresh Start”.

F1 23 will be a “Fresh start”

The headline that captured this official reveal post was “New season, fresh start ✨“. What this could mean is now going to keep Formula 1 fans and sim racers guessing until the official game reveal, which should be soon.

This reveal falls in perfect time with the start of the Formula 1 2023 season which gets underway this weekend in Bahrain. And this is the earliest that Codemasters have ever revealed and confirmed that a new F1 game is on its way. This leads us to believe that this year, we may see the F1 23 game release earlier than in previous years.

What does F1 23’s fresh start mean?

A lot can be read into what the tagline “New season, fresh start” is actually referring to. We don’t believe it is talking about the cars, because the 2023 Formula 1 cars are evolutions of last years brand new cars.

This makes us think that a fresh start is referring more to the gameplay that will be in this years F1 23 game.

New game engine and graphics overhaul?

It could be referring to a new game engine or graphics update, and this is highly likely because Codemasters have been using the same game engine for the past few years.

The same game engine, EGO4, has been used for every F1 game going back to around F1 2015. While there have been updates for both the graphics and game physics, the limitation of an old game engine is starting to show, especially with the power of next gen consoles.

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Codemasters are making a new WRC rally game using a newer engine, possibly Unreal, Frostbite or a new EGO engine. And we could see this translated to the new F1 23 game as well.

This would mean we would see upgrades to both the way the cars handle and the graphics that we see.

When will F1 23 gameplay be revealed?

Generally, once an F1 game has been officially teased, a full reveal follows pretty shortly after. We would expect this to be the case with F1 23, meaning a full reveal and trailer could be just around the corner.

We could get our first real glimpses of F1 23 at some point in March, which would mean that this year’s game is a whole month ahead of previous F1 games in terms of its release schedule.

When is F1 23’s release date?

While we haven’t had an official release date revealed yet, we can look back at previous games to find the likely date that F1 23 will be released.

The previous years’ F1 games have all released in early July, so we can say with some certainty that F1 23 will be released in July 2023 or earlier.

This is the earliest confirmation and reveal of an F1 game in recent years, with last year’s F1 22 not being teased until April last year. So F1 23 has a month-long head start over last year’s game in terms of its reveal, which could indicate an earlier release date this year.

Could this early reveal mean that F1 23 will be released in June this year, instead of the usual Fuly window? We will keep our fingers crossed and wait to see when the official gameplay reveal is shown.

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