F1 23 Spain Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Spain. The Spanish track in F1 23 tests your car in almost every way, so a really balanced car setup is required. Check out our optimised car setup for Barcelona in F1 23.

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F1 23 Spain Setup

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The Circuit de Catalunya is a really balanced track, that has seen a bit of an overhaul over the past few years. Last year saw a remodelling of turn 10 to make it faster. And this year sees the removal of the tight and twisty and really rather annoying chicane towards the end of the lap.

By removing the chicane the whole track has become faster overall, and this does actually change our setup approach from previous years.

Watch our F1 23 Spain car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

Our aerodynamic setup for Spain in F1 23 is pretty high. This is due to the really technical corners through the middle part of the lap. Set the front wing aero to 36 and rear to 34.

It’s important to ensure you have a really stable car around Spain, so you don’t want the rear wing too much lower than the front. A lot of pressure is put of the rear of the car while accelerating through the longer corners, including the new turn 14.

Transmission setup

For the transmission setup, I’ve opted for 50% on throttle diff and 55% off throttle. This will ensure we don’t work the rear tyres too hard, as the tyres can be punished around this track. There are also some key acceleration zones where traction is important, which this approach addresses.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry is really setup to provide good mechanical grip through the wide variety of corners. And the best way of doing this is with camber set far right, and the toe close to far left.

Although, this year, I have increased the rear toe-in to help maintain stability through some of the faster corners.

Suspension setup

For the suspension, opt for a stiffer front end to help with direction change. Go with 28 at the front and 7 at the rear for the suspension. Then go with an anti-roll bar setup of 7 and 2. Finally run your ride height relatively balanced at 36 and 40.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, you can set your brake pressure a little further rearward as there aren’t too many really heavy braking zones. Instead, the shorter and sharper braking zones benefit more from a more neutral brake balance.

Go with 100% brake pressure like normal and a brake bias of 53%.

Tyre setup

As I mentioned earlier, tyre wear can be an issue around Spain, and one of the better ways to manage it is by lowering the pressures. This will reduce the temperature build up and lower tyre wear. It also softens the car a little bit too.

Go with 22.5psi on both fronts and then opt for 20.2 and 20.1psi on the rear tyre pressures. The lower rear left pressure helps to mitigate wear on the most vulnerable tyre.


And that does it for our Spanish car setup in F1 23. This track provides a wide range of tests for your car, from fast to slow corners and high speed stability. The removal of the horrible chicane in the last sector really allows the track to flow much better. And it makes creating a car setup that little bit easier in F1 23.

Let me know if you like this car setup in the comments below.

For now, enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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