F1 23 Singapore Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Singapore. This is a track in F1 23 that requires pin point precision and an extremely high downforce approach to succeed.

F1 23 Singapore Setup

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Singapore has always been a tricky circuit, although it probably feels at its best in F1 23. This track is extremely fast for such a tight and twisty street circuit, but much like Monaco or even Jeddah, it can be incredibly costly if you make a mistake.

A high downforce approach is key to this car setup being successful throughout a full race distance, be that in My Team or an online league race. But you must keep one eye firmly on your tyre temperatures because the rears do have a tendency to overheat, which I have tried to address in this setup.

Watch our F1 23 Marina Bay car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

Like other tight and twisty circuits such as Monaco or Hungary, an extremely high aero setup is the best choice. I’ve opted for a front wing aero of 50 and a rear wing aero of 48.

Marina Bay is comprised of a tonne of slow to medium speed 90-degree left and right turns. And the fastest way through the majority of these corners is to have close to maximum aero.

I have reduced the rear by a couple of points to ensure you have enough straight line speed to be able to make overtakes during the race, as there are a few opportunities to do so around a lap of Singapore.

Transmission setup

It is no surprise that at such a tight and slow speed track I have setup our on throttle differential to just 50%. This will help maximise traction which is ever so important around Singapore. I have then set the off throttle diff to 54%. The reason I haven’t lowered this to 50% is because that approach introduces a little too much rotation at slow speeds.

Suspension Geometry

Our suspension geometry setup can be a little more adventurous due to the slower speed nature of Singapore in F1 23. I have gone with -2.7 and -1 on the camber, front and rear. Then I’ve kept some toe in the car with a front toe-out setup of 0.04 and rear toe-in setup of 0.16.

Suspension setup

The suspension setup for Singapore in F1 23 is tricky, partly because of the high kerbs around this track. Ideally, you’d want to soften the suspension to make these kerbs much more manageable, however, that will result in a car that is slow to turn into the corners, losing you a tonne of lap time.

Instead, I’ve opted for a front suspension on the stiffer side at 26, with the rear suspension set to 8. With this approach, it is best advised to not ride right up and onto the kerbs as it will cause instability. Instead, the perfect placement is to just clip most inside kerbs with your inside tyre.

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Then go with an anti-roll bar setup of 7 and 2, and a ride height of 33 and 36.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, I have gone for 100% brake pressure as normal. Then I’ve lowered the brake bias to 54%. This is beneficial into some of the slower corners, as a more frontward brake bias can introduce a tendency for the front wheel to lock at slow speeds.

Tyre setup

Finally, the tyre pressures are set incredibly low for this car setup. I have gone with 22.5 on both front tyres and reduce the rear tyre pressures right down to their minimum value of just 20psi.

With all of the heavy traction zones, and constant acceleration from slow speed, your rear tyres will overheat. So the low tyre pressures at the rear of the car helps to combat this.


And that rounds out our Singapore car setup for F1 23. This setup is a good combination of high downforce and responsiveness which are the key areas of a successful Singapore car setup. I have also factored in tyre wear, because even when raced at night, your rear tyres will wear quickly.

Enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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