F1 23 Release Date: Launch Date Confirmed & Early Access

In this guide we look at the release date for F1 23, along with how to play this year's Formula 1 game early.

F1 23 release date

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F1 23 is getting closer, and we’ve seen an official teaser for the game from EA Sports, but when is the release date, and when will F1 23 be available to pre-order?

In this guide, we’ll look at when you are able to play F1 23 officially when the release date will be, and whether there’ll be early access.

When is F1 23’s release date?

F1 23’s release date has officially been confirmed as the 16th June 2023. You can pre-order the game right now on EA Sports website. You can also get early access by 3 days by ordering the championship edition.

Will F1 23 have early access?

F1 23 will have early access, giving players the chance to start racing on the 13th June via EA Play or by purchasing the Championship edition.

How to get early access to F1 23

To gain access to F1 23 early, you’ll need to be an EA Play subscriber to access a 5 hour trial, or order the championship edition of the game. EA Play members will also get access to 5,000 bonus XP each month, plus save 10% on pre-orders, PitCoin, and more.

Will there be an F1 23 beta?

It is highly likely that there will be an F1 23 beta, as there has been one every year for the past few games. This is normally a limited amount of time where a closed group of players can test out some F1 23 game features.

What will be included in an F1 23 beta?

In last year’s F1 beta, gamers were able to race with an unbranded car around a small selection of tracks, with a large emphasis on multiplayer. There were no real car liveries in the F1 22 beta.

Game betas are normally used to test certain features, and multiplayer is one of the most variable features meaning it requires a lot of testing.

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It’s likely that there will only be a few tracks included in the F1 23 beta, and that you might only be able to participate in time trials or multiplayer racing.

How to sign up for the F1 23 beta?

In previous years, you could sign up to the upcoming F1 game’s beta via Codemaster’s own forum. However, now that EA Sports own Codemasters, all support for the F1 games has moved to EA Sports community forums.

To sign up to the F1 23 beta, you need to head over to the EA Sports playtesting page and fill out the registration form for playtesting. The link to the EA playtesting page can be found here.

F1 23 Beta Sign Up
Will there be an F1 23 open beta?

It is unlikely that there will be an open beta for F1 23. During the build-up to F1 22, there was a single closed beta, where gamers who had signed up to participate in the F1 22 beta were invited to play the new game.

F1 23’s “Fresh start” teased

We haven’t had much info from EA Sports and Codemasters yet, but they have teased a fresh start with their original F1 23 reveal post on Twitter.

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