F1 23 Netherlands Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Zandvoort. This classic track has been reworked with many areas being updated in F1 23, and this means the track feels much more enjoyable. This setup amplifies the enjoyment.

F1 23 Netherlands Setup Dry

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In F1 23, Zandvoort feels almost like a completely different track compared to last year. Codemasters have made a lot of improvements to this track’s realism and this really impacts how you approach this circuit.

Zandvoort is an inherently tricky track to master due to its unusual layout and strange braking zones. But the wider track in F1 23 really helps you carry additional speed through some turns, and some corners such as the reprofiled turn 2 are much more enjoyable.

That doesn’t make this track easy to master by any means, with precision and stability still required to really get the fastest lap times.

Watch our F1 23 Zandvoort car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

Zandvoort is another track that benefits from a higher aero setup, much like Hungary. The corners themselves aren’t too slow, with a good mixture of slow to medium and high speed corners. However, the sheer number of corners puts a heavy reliance on high downforce levels.

Go with 45 on the front wing and just 36 on the rear. This is possibly the largest gap between front and rear wings that I’ve run in a car setup so far in F1 23. However, the need for front end grip results in a much higher front wing aero setup.

Transmission setup

Much like our other high downforce car setups like Hungary, go with 50% on throttle differential to aid with rear traction. Then go with 51% off throttle differential.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry, I’ve opted for maximum levels of camber of -2.5 and -1. Although technically this is the minimum amount of camber, but that’s F1 23’s strange camber labelling there.

Then go with high levels of toe with 0.06 at the front and 0.25 at the rear. The main thing we need here is high rear toe to aid with extra stability. This is important through the faster corners as well as mitigating some of the rear downforce loss that comes from the low rear wing angle.

Suspension setup

I have opted for a stiff front suspension to aid responsiveness and a soft rear suspension to ensure the car remains compliant. Go with 36 and 9 on your suspension setup. Then go with 10 and 5 for the anti-roll bar setup.

Finally, go with a ride height setup of 36 and 40.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, I have opted for 100% brake pressure. Then I’ve lowered the brake bias to 53%. This rearward brake bias is beneficial through the corners where you’re turning whilst braking as it prevents understeer.

However, if you find the rear of your car becoming unstable under braking at certain points of the lap, you can increase it to 54 to 55%.

Tyre setup

You’ll want to really manage tyre temperature around Zandvoort as the temperatures and wear can build up through the fast segments of track. Go with 22.7psi for both front tyres. Then lower the rears to 20.3 and 20.1psi.

This is designed to target the rear tyres and in particular the rear left tyre pressure which will be the tyre that wears the fastest.


This setup shares many similarities with our Hungary setup, and both are fairly interchangeable. Zandvoort is very similar to Hungary in its characteristics, and much like Hungary, it is also very tricky to master. This setup is designed to really help your car be as responsive and stable as possible, really allowing you to push hard where needed.

Let me know if you find this car setup just as dominant in the comments below.

For now, enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.