F1 23 Monaco Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Monaco. This is tricky and technical track which requires an extreme car setup. We have to run high aero and be careful of our tyre wear. This recommended car setup does both of those things.

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F1 23 Monaco Setup

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If you are currently playing F1 24, view our recommended F1 24 Monaco setup.

Now, Monaco is a track in F1 23 that many dislike, and I can firmly say that I’m in that group. It’s a super tight and twisty circuit and the walls are always there, ready to eat up anyone who makes a mistake.

However, on the brighter side, in F1 23, Monaco is much easier to drive thanks to the refinements that have been made to the driving physics. And when the car is easier to drive, the walls and the skinny track aren’t as much of an issue.

So I’m approaching this Monaco setup with a lot more enthusiasm than I did last year.

Watch our F1 23 Monaco car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

While the driving physics have been improved a lot, the aerodynamic setup still needs to follow our normal approach for Monaco. Set the front wing aero to its maximum value at 50 and the rear wing close to max at 48.

This track requires the most amount of downforce possible and that starts with the aero setup. Now, the reason I haven’t set the rear wing to 50 is to allow some opportunities of overtaking, which is certainly possible this year.

Transmission setup

For the transmission, we need to simply make the car as easy to drive as possible, and that means setting the on throttle differential to 50% and the off throttle diff to 53%. This approach makes traction as easy as possible to come by, making the car easier to drive at slower speeds.

Suspension Geometry

We don’t need to worry about straight line speed too much, and that is reflected in our geometry setup. You can see we’re running the usual camber setup of far right for both front and rear. But we also have high toe settings as well.

This will increase both responsiveness and stability at the expense of straight-line performance. But that is a trade off we can happily make around Monaco.

Suspension setup

For the suspension, you ideally want it pretty soft so it can handle the bumps and kerbs that are typical of this tight and twisty street circuit. Don’t soften everything too far though otherwise your car will feel like jelly and will simply be too slow.

Go for 12 and 7 on the suspension setup and 7 and 2 for the anti-roll bars. Then raise the ride height to cope with the undulations around Monaco, and opt for 36 and 42.

Brake setup

I did contemplate lowering the brake pressure around Monaco as there are a few places where lockups are common. However, I found it more efficient keeping the brake pressure at 100% and simply modulating the brake input I apply.

This is most important on the approach to turn 18 where lockups are extremely common. Then set the brake bias to 54%.

Tyre setup

Tyre temperature can be an issue around Monaco, purely because of the heavy traction requirements when accelerating out of slow speed corners. For this reason lower all pressures to 22.2 at the front and just 20psi at the rear.


And that completes our Monaco car setup for F1 23. This track isn’t the most enjoyable to drive personally, although when you get into a flow it is much better. And a consistent and easy to drive car, like the one this setup gives is the perfect approach for such a tricky circuit.

Let me know if you like this car setup in the comments below.

For now, enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

If you are currently playing F1 24, view our recommended F1 24 Monaco setup.

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