F1 23 Miami Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Miami. This is a newer track which provides quite a challenge. The fast sweeping corners really test your cars stability, and this car setup helps ensure your fast during a race.

F1 23 Miami Car Setup

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Miami is one of the newer circuits to the Formula 1 calendar and F1 23, but it’s a street track with a bit of a difference. The design of the circuit is much like that of Jeddah with fast and flowing sectors, long straights and a few incredibly slow corners.

And, much like our Jeddah car setup, this combination of almost every type of track element means that our car setup is a compromise. This track however is one that I really enjoy racing around, and this car setup creates a car which is stable enough to throw around with confidence and consistency.

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Aerodynamic setup

There is an extremely long straight and another long curve at this Miami circuit, both of which require low downforce setups. To be competitive during a race, you need to set your aero setup pretty low, otherwise you’ll struggle down the straights.

However, the aero setup really is a balance because there are a few fast corners where your car can step out on you if you don’t have enough downforce. In particular, turn 3 and turn 18 which are both flat right handers can cause the rear of your car to oversteer.

To counteract this, I’ve gone for an aero setup with a higher rear wing than front. Go with 16 at the front wing and 17 at the rear. This approach creates a setup with much lower aero than most time trial setups, but this pays off during a race, where overtaking is much easier.

Transmission setup

For the differential, I’ve lowered it down which is pretty standard for most tracks in F1 23 so far. Go with 57 on your on throttle diff and just 52 on your off throttle differential setup.

The lower off throttle diff setup really helps the front of your car rotate into slower corners, and counters the lower front wing aero setup.

Suspension Geometry

Our suspension geometry setup has been tailored to give a good mixture of tyre life and mechanical grip mid corner. As per usual with our F1 23 car setups, I’ve gone far right on the camber with -2.7 at the front and -1 at the rear.

Then for the toe, set your front toe to 0.03 and rear toe to 0.2. Higher rear toe helps to keep the rear of your car in check through the faster corners I mentioned and gives you some much needed stability.

Suspension setup

Our suspension setup for Miami in F1 23 is relatively balanced. I’ve kept the front suspension at the mid way point at 22, and lowered the rear suspension to 8. Then I’ve set the front anti-roll bar to 10 and rear to just 1.

Then you can set your ride height to 35 at the front and 38 at the rear. This is about as low as you’ll want to go and you should really try to avoid riding up onto the exit kerb after turn 5 otherwise you’ll bottom out and be completely out of shape for the left handers of turn 6 and 7.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, I’ve maxed out the brake pressure at 100% and set the brake bias at 56%. You can move this a little more rearward if you struggle with locking up into the really slow section of track, but at 56% I found it just right.

Tyre setup

For our tyre setup for Miami in F1 23, I have set the front pressures higher than the rears once again. Go with 22.9 and 23 on your front tyre pressures and 20.4 and 20.5 on your rear pressures. The lower rear pressures are designed to protect the rear tyres from wearing too fast, as this will be the limiting factor during a race.


And that rounds out our Miami car setup for F1 23. This track is actually fairly tricky to create a car setup for due to the mixture of corner types and long straights. And the rear end of your car can give you a few troubles.

But this car setup provides a nice stable car which is ideal for longer distance races.

Let me know if you like this car setup in the comments below. Also make sure you’re subscribed to our channel to be notified when I drop new F1 23 setup videos.

For now, enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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