F1 23 Las Vegas Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Las Vegas in the USA. This is the first time we've ever seen this track in an F1 game, and this car setup really prioritises the straight line performance.

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F1 23 Las Vegas Setup

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F1 23 is the first time we get to see the new Las Vegas track in all its glory. And it sure is a visual treat to race around this circuit at night.

However, that is kind of where the fun stops, as this is a track layout that doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a pretty standard street track, although it lacks the fluidity of Jeddah and Miami or the technicality of Singapore. And I think it results in a pretty uninspired track layout which is a shame.

Watch our F1 23 Las Vegas car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

The main focus around Las Vegas in F1 23 is without a doubt straight line speed with the incredibly long straight that runs right through the Las Vegas strip.

Because of this long straight, you can’t run much downforce at all, which will result in the slower corners feeling a little bit clunky. I’ve set my aero to 10 at the front and 9 at the rear.

This is a good trade off between adding as much front-end responsiveness and turn-in as we can get away with, as well as keeping the rear of the car stable through the faster bends.

Transmission setup

The priority with our transmission car setup is to maximise our traction, enabling for the best corner exit out of the slower corners and on to the long straights. This means going with 50% on throttle and off throttle is really our only choice. The low off throttle differential also helps mitigate the low aero setup by improving our rotation into corners.

Suspension Geometry

Again, with a track focused almost entirely on straight line speed, a low camber and toe setup is the best approach. Set the camber to -2.5 and -1, and set the toe to 0 and 0.1 to reduce drag as much as possible. The rear camber set to -1 also brings more of the tyre into contact with the track which improves traction a little more.

Suspension setup

For the suspension, I’ve opted for a stiffer approach than at most tracks in F1 23. I’ve gone for 29 and 9 on the suspension setup which is fairly normal.

However, I’ve then stiffened the anti-roll bars right up to 14 and 11. This will improve our mechanical grip mid-corner by eliminating body roll as much as possible.

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    Finally, set your ride height to 32 and 36.

    Brake setup

    For the brakes, go with a frontward brake bias to help reduce braking distance into the slow corners. Go with 56% brake bias and 100% brake pressure here.

    Tyre setup

    Finally, for the tyres you will want to increase the pressures right up. The extremely long straights really allow the tyres to cool down in between each corner. This allows us to set our tyre pressures high to get heat into the tyres.

    Go with 24.2psi on both front tyres and 21.3psi on both rear tyres. The rear tyres will get much more of a work out compared to the fronts, so they can be much lower.


    And that will complete our first-ever car setup for Las Vegas in a Formula 1 game. As I mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of this track currently. Maybe it’ll turn into a grower and less of a shower. And hopefully, I’ll learn to love this circuit.

    But regardless of enjoyment, this car setup does create a particularly competitive car throughout a race, with extremely high straight line performance allowing for many overtaking opportunities.

    Enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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    Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.