F1 23 France Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for France. This unusual track layout requires a fairly unique car setup, and that is exactly the approach that this setup takes.

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F1 23 France Setup

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The second bonus track that we got in F1 23 is France. This track has been directly carried over from last year’s game, and that’s not a bad thing as its one of the more unusual tracks in game.

It features a range of strange corners and unconventional braking zones. This challenges the driver to adapt their style to fit the track, but it also tests your car’s balance, especially the rear stability under braking.

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Aerodynamic setup

Starting with the aero setup, I’ve set this to 18 at both the front and rear. For a long time I was running a higher front wing. But I was constantly being challenged by the rear of the car, with it stepping out of line when accelerating through the longer corners.

For this reason, I opted for an even setup. This really settles the car through all corners, and provides you with a platform where you can push through each corner, both on entry and exit.

Transmission setup

The on throttle differential has been set to 50% to help manage the rear of the car under acceleration. This lets you accelerate a bit harder out of some of the turns which is important for the corners before long straights such as turns 6, 9 and 15.

For the off throttle diff setup, I’ve gone for 52%. This could be set a little lower if you struggle to turn the car into the slower corners, but I found 52% was just right.

Suspension Geometry

I have set the camber to almost full right values both front and back, but turned the front camber down to -2.6. Then I set the rear to -1.

I also increased the front toe to 0.02 to help promote a little more responsiveness that went missing when I reduced the front aero setup. Finally, I lowered the rear toe right down to 0.1 to eliminate as much drag as possible.

Suspension setup

Now, the suspension setup for Paul Ricard is a little strange. The front suspension is incredibly low for an F1 23 setup, and that is because of the kerbs. This track is incredibly flat, which would in theory result in a stiffer front suspension.

However, the kerbs are all raised enough to cause some stability issues throughout a race. For this reason, lowering the front suspension to 21 while keeping the rear fairly stiff at 12 works really well.

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I’ve then softened the front ARB right down to just 1 while stiffening the rear to 8. This is also unusual but works incredibly well to balance the car. Then the ride height is pretty traditional at 35 and 38.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, I’ve gone with 100% brake pressure much like all other car setups. Then the front brake bias can be lowered down to 54%. There are many braking zones around Paul Ricard where you’ll be applying some steering lock, so a lower brake bias approach works well.

Tyre setup

Tyre wear around Paul Ricard is heavily biased towards the right of the car. For this reason, I’d recommend setting the front right pressure to 23.1psi and the front left to 23.2psi. Then set the rear right to 20.5psi and rear left to 20.6psi.


That finalised our French car setup for F1 23, and it can be seen as quite an unusual setup for a pretty unusual track. I really enjoy racing around Paul Ricard as it simply provides quite an interesting layout with good overtaking opportunities and nice corner sequences.

Enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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