F1 23 Complete Track List: Confirmed Tracks + New Additions

Here is our guide on the complete track list for F1 23. We'll take a look at every confirmed track for F1 23, and whether new track and old tracks will make an appearance in F1 23.

F1 23 Las Vegas track

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We have an official 2023 Formula 1 calendar confirmed, and the F1 23 game is nearing closer, with a July 2023 release date looking likely. So, surely we now know exactly which tracks will be in the F1 23. Well, not quite. There are a few questions remaining about the complete track list in F1 23.

In this guide, I will look at the complete F1 23 track list, and show you which tracks are definitely included in the game. And I’ll answer the questions about some tracks that may be in the game, and which tracks might not be included, China, I’m looking at you!

F1 23 Complete track list

Below is a complete 2023 Formula 1 calendar. With F1 23 being the official Formula 1 game, all of these tracks will definitely be in the F1 23 video game.

This track list features a few new tracks that haven’t been in an F1 game before. Las Vegas and Lusail haven’t seen any action in an F1 game, although Lusail has been in the Moto GP series of games for a while.

  • Bahrain – Bahrain International Circuit – 5 March
  • Saudi Arabia – Jeddah Corniche Circuit – 19 March
  • Australia – Albert Park – 2 April
  • Azerbaijan – Baku City Circuit – 30 April
  • Miami – Miami International Autodrome – 7 May
  • Emilia Romagna – Imola Circuit – 21 May
  • Monaco – Circuit de Monaco – 28 May
  • Spain – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 4 June
  • Canada – Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – 18 June
  • Austria – Red Bull Ring – 2 July
  • Britain – Silverstone Circuit – 9 July
  • Hungary – Hungaroring – 23 July
  • Belgium – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – 30 July
  • Netherlands – Circuit Zandvoort – 27 August
  • Italy – Monza Circuit – 3 September
  • Singapore – Marina Bay Street Circuit – 17 September
  • Japan – Suzuka – 24 September
  • Qatar – Lusail International Circuit – 8 October
  • United States – Circuit of the Americas – 22 October
  • Mexico – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez – 29 October
  • Brazil – Interlagos Circuit – 5 November
  • Las Vegas – Las Vegas Street Circuit – 18 November
  • Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina Circuit – 26 November
Bonus tracks

As well as the official tracks above, three bonus tracks will be included in F1 23 including Paul Ricard, Shanghai and Portimao.

  • Portimao, Portugal
  • Shanghai, China
  • Paul Ricard, France

New track – Las Vegas

The big new track for 2023 is the brand new Las Vegas street circuit. This track has never been raced around before and is being created specifically for the 2023 Formula 1 season.

This means that the first time we ever get to race around it officially will be in the F1 23 game. Although it is already available as a track mod in Assetto Corsa already if you can’t wait until the F1 23 game launch in July.

The Las Vegas track will be the third American track in F1 23, joining COTA and Miami. The track layout features a few very fast straight sectors where the cars will race down the main Las Vegas strip at over 200mph.

Typical of street tracks such as Baku, there are a fair few 90-degree turns. However, there are a few slower more technical sections of track which remind us of the recent Miami track.

New track – Lusail, Qatar

Another new track for the official F1 game is Lusail in Qatar. 2023 will be the second time that Formula 1 cars actually visit Lusail, after racing there in 2021. However, as it was a late addition to the 2021 season, it didn’t appear in the F1 game.

F1 23 will be the first time we see Lusail in an F1 game, despite it being digitally recreated in all of the recent Moto GP games. Lusail is a very fast and flowing circuit, with a few tricky corner sequences.

It is very reminiscent of the Paul Ricard circuit (which isn’t included on the 2032 F1 calendar). The similarities lie in the very flat nature of the track, along with the tricky flowing corners.

Are all tracks in F1 23 laser scanned?

One particular detail that many sim racers and F1 fans are asking for is for Codemasters to include laser scanned tracks in F1 23. Laser scanned tracks can produce much more accurate representations of a track than traditional modelling techniques.

Unfortunately, not every track in F1 23 will be laser scanned, although some will be. Last year’s games saw three tracks transition over to laser scanned models.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi

Australia, Abu Dhabi and Spain all got laser scanned representations in F1 22 due to their track changes. Although it is important to note that only Australia had the whole track laser scanned with LiDAR technology. Both Spain and Abu Dhabi only had the new segments of track laser scanned, with the remaining model being traditionally modelled.

F1 23 does have a few new tracks, both Las Vegas and Lusail are new to the F1 series. So it is the perfect opportunity for Codemasters to expand their laser scanned tracks to include there two.

Will Portugal be in F1 23?

Portimao in Portugal isn’t on the official 2023 Formula 1 calendar, however, it did make a surprise appearance in last years F1 22 game. Codemasters have a relatively up-to-date model of Portimao, which allows them to include it into F1 23 relatively easily.

While Portimao in Portugal isn’t on the official calendar, it has been confirmed to be in F1 23 at launch.

Will the China track be in F1 23?

China is in a similar situation to Portugal, as it isn’t included in the official F1 calendar. China was originally scheduled to be the fourth race on the Formula 1 calendar with a date in April. However, due to COVID limitations in China, it was cancelled late into 2022.

F1 22 China Track Added

Much like Portimao, Codemasters do have an up-to-date recreation of the Shanghai International Circuit, and it was included alongside Portugal in F1 22 as bonus content.

It is confirmed that the Shanghai circuit in China will be included in F1 23 at launch.

Will Paul Ricard be in F1 23?

Paul Ricard in France is not included in the official 2023 Formula 1 calendar for the first time in a few years. That means we won’t be visiting France in 2023, and it won’t be included in F1 23 on the official schedule.

However, it is confirmed that Paul Ricard will be included in F1 23 as a bonus track.

Unlike China which was originally scheduled for a 2023 appearance, Paul Ricard was dropped by Formula 1 relatively early. Despite this, it is relatively easy for Codemasters to include it in the game as extra content.

Are there any track changes?

Unlike last year, there aren’t many major changes to tracks in 2023. Last year’s F1 game saw major track alterations to the Australia and Abu Dhabi tracks.

Other than the new track additions of Las Vegas and Lusail, the only real track change this year is a minor change at Singapore. This should be reflected in F1 23 as the track change was submitted in October 2022, giving Codemasters plenty of time to make the adjustments.

The track changes feature a new long straight and the removal of the chicanes in the final sector of the lap. This will make Singapore around 20 seconds faster than in 2022, and will open up new overtaking opportunities into turn 16.

Which racing wheel is best for F1 23?

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F1 23 Full car list

The official entry list for the 2023 Formula 1 season is the same as in 2022, with all previous teams returning. This means that the main car list for F1 23 will remain unchanged. All new car liveries for the 2023 cars will feature in F1 23.

The bigger question is over the Formula 2 cars, which did feature in last year’s game. We don’t currently have confirmation of if Formula 2 cars will return, but based on the past few F1 games, we would expect to see them, especially due to the RPG style My Team game mode where you can recruit Formula 2 or Formula 3 drivers.

We may also see the return of Supercars in F1 23. Read our F1 23 car list guide for the most up-to-date car list for this year’s game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will China, Portugal or France be in F1 23?

All three tracks, China, Portugal and France are not on the official 2023 Formula 1 calendar, meaning it is highly unlikely they will feature in F1 23 at launch. However, like last year’s game, they may be included as post-launch content.

Will the Las Vegas track be in F1 23?

Las Vegas will feature in F1 23 for the first time ever. You will be able to race at over 200mph down the Las Vegas strip and around the official Las Vegas track in F1 23.

Will the Singapore track changes be in F1 23?

Singapore does feature a new track layout which was agreed in October 2022. These changes should be included in F1 23, however, the track changes to Australia and Abu Dhabi did take a year to be included in an F1 game, so these new changes may be delayed until F1 24.

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