F1 23 Canada Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Canada. This track is incredibly fun to drive but really tests your cars mechanical grip and aero balance. View our recommended car setup for Canada in F1 23.

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F1 23 Canada Setup

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Canada in F1 23 is a track that is right up there with my most enjoyable circuits. It is fast and flowing, with a really good combination of mid to high speed corners and long straights.

This track can lead to some of the more enjoyable races due to the ease of overtaking thanks to the long straights combined with the constant danger of the walls.

This track requires good consistency levels, especially when throwing your car through the fast right-left chicanes at high speed.

Watch our F1 23 Canada car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

Our aero setup has really prioritised the rear of the car. While good front end responsiveness is important, it is absolutely vital to have a car that sticks to the road while accelerating out of the fast chicanes.

If you have a slightly loose rear end, you’ll struggle to get the power down out of these corners and will be easy picking along the straights that follow.

Go with 23 at the front of the car and 24 for the rear wing. This will induce a little bit of understeer, but this is much more manageable than an unpredictable rear end.

Transmission setup

A transmission setup of 50% for both your on throttle and off throttle diff will also target these fast corners. The low on throttle differential will improve the ease when accelerating out of each corner, helping you apply more throttle sooner.

And the low off throttle differential will help to combat some of the understeer from our aero setup. It allows the car to rotate more on the approach to corners.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry, go with -2.6 and -1 for the camber. And then go with 0.02 and 0.16 for the toe. Again, the rear toe value has been increased to help with rear stability. Although this will provide a very minor penalty to drag down the long straights. However, our low downforce approach more than compensates for this.

Suspension setup

For the suspension, run an unusually soft front suspension at just 17, and a soft rear at 14. Then go for 7 and 2 on the anti-roll bars and 33 and 36 for the ride height.

This approach will let you ride up and over the rather large kerbs that are at the apex of every corner around Canada. This is key to shortening the corners, especially through the fast chicanes. An overly stiff car will almost always result in loss of control over these large kerbs.

Brake setup

For the brakes, opt for a very usual approach of 100% brake pressure and 54% brake bias. The lower brake bias is preferable on the approach to faster corners where you don’t slow the car down as much.

Tyre setup

Then for the tyres. Set the front pressures to 22.6 psi to promote good responsiveness. And set the rear pressures to 20.2psi, as this will aid traction and help keep the rear of the car planted to the track surface.


That completes our Canada car setup for F1 23. You’ll notice that this setup focuses heavily on ensuring the rear of your car remains as compliant as possible. This is very important to maximise your corner exit speed and the speed that you carry onto the straights that follow.

Let me know if you like this car setup in the comments below.

For now, enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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