F1 23 Brazil Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 car setup for Brazil. Interlagos is a track which features unusually long corners, requiring good mid corner speed and stabiltiy. Two things which this car setup provides.

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F1 23 Brazil Setup

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Interlagos in Brazil has been a long time favourite track of mine spanning back many years. It features a rather unusual track layout, with many slow to medium speed sweeping corners and a lot of elevation change.

Despite the sheer number of slower corners, a high downforce car setup isn’t always the best approach, as a lot of corner speed can be found from pure mechanical grip. This allows some of your aero setup to be targetted more at the long pit straight where straight line speed is pretty important.

Watch our F1 23 Brazilian car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

I have gone for an aero setup of 28 at the front and 25 at the rear. This keeps our aerodynamics pretty balanced between straight line speed and pure downforce.

This approach will maximise our performance down the long pit straight and the straight just before turn 4 which helps with overtaking. But crucially, it also keeps enough downforce in the car to provide good performance through the corners.

Transmission setup

Many of the corners around Brazil don’t feature typical acceleration zones. Instead, many feature gradual acceleration zones while you are still turning through and out of the corner.

This allows us to run an on throttle differential that isn’t completely open. Go with 54% for the on throttle differential and 52% on the off throttle diff.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry, I’ve opted for a pretty traditional approach of minimal camber and toe. Go with -2.5 and -1.1 on the camber and 0 and 0.1 on the toe.

Suspension setup

For the suspension, I’ve tried to create stability in the car by not setting anything too stiff. But also keeping enough rigidity in the car through the anti-roll bars to maximise mid corner speed.

Go with 26 and 8 on the suspension setup, and 6 and 8 on the anti-roll bar setup. Then opt for a ride height of 35 and 38.

Brake setup

With a fair few corners that feature shorter braking zones, opt for a more rearward brake bias of 53%, and pair that with our normal 100% brake pressure.

Tyre setup

I have split our front tyre pressures to help reduce wear on the front right which takes the most punishment around Brazil. Go with 22.8psi and 22.9psi on the front tyres and then opt for 20.3psi for both rear tyres.


And that is our Brazilian car setup for Interlagos in F1 23. The important thing with Brazil is to create a car that doesn’t understeer on the approach to the corner, and remains stable throughout the entirety of the turn.

The corners are much longer and more sweeping around Brazil than at many other tracks in F1 23, which do go a long way to making this track extremely fun to drive around.

Enjoy this setup and I’ll see you on track.

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