F1 23 Beta: How To Sign Up For The F1 23 Beta

This guide looks at the F1 23 beta, and how to sign up to participate in the F1 23 closed beta. Follow these steps to sign up for the closed beta.

How to sign up to the F1 23 beta

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We’ve had the official announcement for F1 23, and are just waiting on more details about the game along with the announcement of any new features. It is around this time that Codemasters and EA Sports are starting to organise their closed beta.

That makes now the perfect time to sign up to participate in the F1 23 beta. In this guide, I’ll run through whether there will be an F1 23 beta, and how to sign up to improve your chances of being picked to participate.

What will be included in an F1 23 beta?

Betas are the perfect opportunity for game developers to try out new features as well as test the load on their multiplayer servers.

In previous F1 game betas, there were limited game modes and content that was playable. Primarily, Codemasters will be testing the load on their server, putting an emphasis on multiplayer game modes.

EA Sports F1 23 Beta how it works
Real car liveries

There won’t be any real car models or team liveries in the F1 beta. Instead, the F1 23 beta will likely feature just the My Team car model, which is a generic Formula 1 car model based on the 2022 and 2023 regulations.

Each car will be a plain livery or feature a simple Codemasters designed livery. This process of not including any real team logos or liveries in the beta will prevent players from streaming the content and passing it off as final gameplay. And it also gives players an incentive to purchase F1 23 by excluding a lot of content.

Multiplayer racing

Most of the emphasis is likely to be placed on ensuring that the multiplayer servers will be able to cope with the load once the game goes live. Previous year’s F1 betas have seen the multiplayer sessions take a similar form to how iRacing schedules races or how F1 22 scheduled weekly online events.

These hosted servers will host online sessions at set intervals to allow Codemasters to focus on testing the load of increased player counts at specific times. Codemasters will possibly look to further test their crossplay mechanics that featured in F1 22.

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The multiplayer sessions will feature watered-down races and could include races that only feature ghost cars. Again, this is to limit the amount of playable content that is on offer during the beta.

My Team or career game modes

There almost certainly won’t be any form of career mode, or extended Grand Prix weekend available in the F1 23 beta. There would be no need to trial a lot of the single-player career-orientated content.

There may, however, be single-player time trial sessions available, which would serve as a testing ground for drivers to spot bugs and glitches in the overall physics and gameplay.

Bug reporting

The whole purpose of any beta is to test a game before launch to eliminate any issues and bugs. There is always a pretty extensive bug reporting system linked to betas, and this will be the case with the F1 23 beta.

All participants will have the facility to upload gameplay clips and screenshots to report bugs and glitches that are present during the beta. This will give Codemasters time to fix and update the final gameplay before its release date.

How to sign up for the F1 23 beta?

You can sign up to the F1 23 beta via EA’s playtesting platform to get access to the F1 23 beta. Not everyone who signs up will gain access to the F1 23 beta. Instead, a selection of players will be chosen by EA and Codemasters. Following all of the steps below can increase your chances of being selected.

This playtesting platform is used across all of EA’s games and allows you to specify which games you would be interested in playtesting. This means you can sign up for a future F1 23 beta and at the same time sign up for other betas for upcoming EA games.

  1. Log in to EA playtesting

    The first step is to log into EA’s playtesting website using your EA account. You can also use your Xbox, PlayStation, Apple, Google or Steam account to sign in.

    F1 23 Beta Sign Up

  2. Select the playtest you wish to join

    Once you have logged in to your EA account, you will be able to choose the playtests that you wish to sign up for. You will see these under the “Playtests available” heading. Simply select one of the playtests that are listed to continue to the sign up page. You should see the F1 23 playtest here.

    EA Playtesting platform

  3. Fill out the F1 23 beta application form

    The next page will allow you to choose your console, and will ask a few other questions regarding the F1 23 beta. After filling out these questions, click submit to send your F1 23 beta application.

  4. Update your user preferences

    A good tip to increase your chances of being selected for the F1 23 beta is to ensure your profile is as complete as possible. You can do this by updating your preferences in your account page.

    Select “My profile” from the main playtesting screen to go to your profile. Then you can select the preferences button on the right hand side of the screen to flush out your profile.

  5. Keep an eye on your email

    EA and Codemasters will reach out to those who have been selected for the F1 23 playtest via email. So keep an eye on your email for any emails from EA. If you are selected, the email will include all details about how to access the beta, including download codes, and instructions on how to join.

For more information on F1 23 including the release date, pre-order bonuses and more gameplay details, read our F1 23 guide to everything we know so far.

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