F1 23 Best Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Settings: Xbox, PS5 & PC

The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is a direct drive wheel that works with F1 23 on Xbox, PS5 and PC. Here are our recommended force feedback settings for this wheel in F1 23.

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Logitech Pro Wheel Gameplay

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F1 23 is a game that is made even more immersive when raced using a wheel. The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is one of the most recently released direct drive racing wheels and performs incredibly well in F1 23 across all platforms.

The latest Logitech wheel evolves the TrueForce technology that was introduced in the Logitech G923. TrueForce in the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel implements TrueForce to introduce additional force feedback effects based on the rumbles and vibrations you would feel sitting in a real-world race car.

You can feel the engine revving through the vibrations in the Pro Racing Wheel, and you can feel when your tyres start to slide across the track surface. This level of immersion currently isn’t possible with any other racing wheel, making the Logitech Pro wheel unique.

Below are our recommended wheel settings for the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel in F1 23. These settings can be used on Xbox, PS5 and PC.

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Logitech Pro Racing Wheel F1 23 Wheel Settings

The settings below are for the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel and can be set in the control settings in F1 23. Access these settings by pausing the game while in a race session or from the main menu.

In-Game Settings:

  • Vibration & FFB: On
  • Vibration & FFB Strength: 100
  • On Track Effects: 35
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 35
  • Off Track Effects: 25
  • Wheel Damper: 45
  • Understeer Enhance: Off
  • Wheel rotation: 360°

G Hub settings

As well as setting the above wheel settings in-game, you can also change some force feedback settings directly via the racing wheel itself or through G Hub. G Hub is Logitech’s software that can be downloaded for free on PC.

If you are racing on an Xbox or PS5, you don’t need to use G Hub as you can change these settings using the OLED display on the front of the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel base.

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To access the settings menu via your racing wheel, you can push the button that is located on the right-hand side of the OLED display. Then you can use the rotary encoder that is on the steering wheel itself to scroll through settings. Push the encoder in to select settings and then press again to save the setting and go back to the menu.

G Hub Settings

  • Sensitivity – 48
  • Operating Range (Angle) – 360
  • Dampener – 12
  • Strength – 11Nm
  • Force Feedback Filter – 5
  • Enable Auto Force Feedback Filter – Disabled
  • Audio Effects – 20
Logitech G Hub F1 22 Settings

What the Logitech G Hub settings do

The settings in Logitech’s G Hub work alongside the in-game F1 23 settings to give you fine control over how your racing wheel behaves and how the force feedback feels. Below is a quick overview of each setting and what it does.


The sensitivity setting in G Hub changes the linearity curve of your steering wheel. Lowering this setting will make your wheel feel more sluggish to turn, while increasing it will mean your in-game car will turn quicker with less steering input.

Ideally, this should be left at the default setting to have true 1:1 steering. Adjusting it will make your physical steering wheel become out of sync with your in-game wheel.

Operating Range

The operating range changes your maximum steering angle. This should be set to 360° for Formula 1 cars in F1 23.


The wheel damping setting adds artificial weight to your steering wheel to simulate the friction between your tyres and the road. Increasing this will add weight and resistance to your steering wheel.


The strength setting will adjust the force feedback strength that you feel in-game. Ideally, you should leave this to 11Nm and reduce the F1 23 in-game force feedback strength setting if you need it lower.

Force Feedback Filter

The force feedback filter setting will smooth out the F1 23 force feedback. Higher settings will filter out more force feedback and result in smoother results. This may not be ideal as you can lose some important details.

Reducing this setting will lower how much force feedback is filtered resulting in busier results. Too low and your force feedback will be so busy you may not be able to decipher between different forces. Around 5 is a good sweet spot.

Audio Effects

Audio effects are the setting which changes the strength of the TrueForce setting. Increasing this will strengthen the audio effects which are used to create TrueForce. You’ll feel more vibrations when you rev the engine, change gears and your tyres slip across the track surface.

Where to buy the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel?

You can purchase the new Logitech Pro Racing Wheel directly from Logitech’s online store using the links below.

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