F1 23 Baku Car Setup: Best Race Setup

Here is our recommended F1 23 Baku car setup for Azerbaijan. This is an extremely tricky track to create a car setup for, but with this optimised Baku car setup, you'll be very competitive during a race.

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F1 23 Baku Car Setup

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If you are currently playing F1 24, view our recommended F1 24 Baku setup.

Baku is the next track on the F1 23 calendar after Australia, and it presents a completely different challenge. Baku is a technical street circuit which mixes extremely slow corners typical of a street circuit with an extremely long straight.

This presents some problems when creating a car setup, and means that any setup that is created will be a compromise between top speed and downforce.

In F1 23, Baku feels pretty different to previous games. The track seems to have been adjusted, and now a lot more precision is needed and the braking zones are longer. This means our car setup needs to be on point, and this was certainly not an easy car setup to create.

Here is our F1 23 Baku car setup, designed for long distance races.

Watch our F1 23 Baku car setup video

Aerodynamic setup

Baku is a really unique track when it comes to our aerodynamic setup. It shares a lot of similarities with Singapore with all of the 90-degree left and right turns. These typically require an extremely high downforce setup.

However, the long pit straight, one of the longest in F1 means that if you run a high downforce setup, you’ll lose a tonne of time down this straight. For this reason alone, we need to prioritise a low downforce setup.

The setup I’ve gone for is 13 for the front wing aero and 12 for the rear. Rear downforce is important at this track as you’ll be constantly fighting for traction and grip. However, it is even more important to have a responsive car that will turn into the 90-degree corners with ease. This setup achieves this goal.

Transmission setup

As I just mentioned, rear traction is a problem at Baku in F1 23. This track is extremely rear limited meaning your rear tyres will wear a lot quicker than your front tyres.

One of the best ways to combat this and ensure you have good traction is by setting our on throttle differential setup to 50. And that is exactly what I’ve done, almost. I’ve opted for an on throttle differential setup of 51, and an off throttle diff setup of 50.

Suspension Geometry

I’ve focused this suspension geometry setup on performance over tyre life. While it is important to ensure your tyres last as long as possible, any other suspension geometry apart from this one simply made the car not have the mechanical grip needed mid corner.

Go with -2.5 on the front camber and -1.2 on the rear, and then lower the front and rear toe all the way to their minimum values.

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    Your front tyres can struggle to be brought up to temperature around Baku, so setting a pretty aggressive geometry setup can help with this a little.

    Suspension setup

    Now, the suspension setup did cause me some problems. A stiff suspension would be ideal to increase responsiveness, however, the sheer number of large kerbs means that running a stiff setup can cause all sorts of issues during a race.

    Hit any of the kerbs with an overly stiff suspension and you’ll be having an early dinner date with the wall.

    I’ve softened the suspension down to 20 at the front and 8 at the rear. This provides an easier car to drive, which will allow you to be consistent throughout a longer race.

    Then set the anti-roll bars to 8 at the front and just 1 at the rear. You can lower the ride height right down which is unusual for a street circuit. But luckily Baku is quite flat, so you can get away with 32 at the front and 33 at the rear.

    This suspension setup is really designed for stability and making sure the car is as easy to drive as possible.

    Brake setup

    Go with our usual approach for the brakes with 100% brake pressure and 56% brake bias. Rear locking can be an issue at some corners around Baku in F1 23, so move the brake bias a little further forward than our usual 55%.

    Tyre setup

    Then the tyre pressures are fairly high at the front for an F1 23 setup, and very low at the rear. The reason for this is due to all the slow corners, heating your front tyres can be a problem, but all of the high traction zones mean you can easily overheat your rears.

    Go for 23psi for both front tyres and then 20.2 psi on the rear right and 20.3 on the rear left.


    And that completes our F1 23 Baku car setup. This setup was extremely tricky to create. The track itself drives a little differently this year, and even with the improvement to traction in this year’s game. It is still hard to find traction throughout a race.

    For now, enjoy this tricky circuit and I’ll see you on track.

    If you are currently playing F1 24, view our recommended F1 24 Baku setup.

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