First F1 22 Gameplay Reveal – Full Race Gameplay

F1 22 gameplay has been officially revealed. A selection of content creators have had a chance to race F1 22 across a range of consoles. Here is the first official gameplay.

F1 22 Gameplay reveal

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F1 22 Gameplay revealed

Codemasters and EA have officially unveiled the curtain to F1 22 and have allowed real gameplay from the pre-release version of F1 22 to be revealed. Content creators across the internet have had a chance to get a hands-on preview of F1 22. This has allowed the world to see how F1 22 is shaping up.

If you played F1 2021, you will see a lot of similarities in this F1 22 gameplay. However, the new 2022 Formula 1 car has been added to the game which brings some excitement to this year’s F1 22 game.

Below is a variety of F1 22 gameplay videos from various content creators. Each video showcases different features from F1 22, including some brand new features. These include the addition of VR to the game for the first time ever, as well as manual control over your pit box entry and your positioning on the grid during your formation lap.

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F1 22 VR Gameplay

F1 22 is the first official Formula 1 game to feature VR, and this is a major gameplay feature addition. For the first time, gamers can replicate a similar experience to the helmet cam footage that we’ve seen throughout the 2022 Formula 1 season.

VR allows gamers to look around and past the halo column, and provides an extremely immersive experience. Find out more about VR in F1 22 in our ultimate F1 22 guide here.

This gameplay features wet and dry races around Silverstone and the Red Bull Ring in Austria. It showcases a few differences between racing in virtual reality compared to on a traditional monitor. Elements such as the difficulty in seeing the start lights, through to the levels of spray that can be seen from the cockpit when racing F1 22 in the rain.

VR gameplay in F1 22 looks incredibly impressive and is certainly something that we can’t wait to try out.

Full video link

F1 22 Gameplay – 110% AI difficulty

The F1 22 gameplay below showcases the speed of the AI when set to 110% difficulty. This gameplay was filmed by iContrast and showcases him driving as Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari F1-75, attempting a last to first challenge at Silverstone.

This gameplay showcases a fully dry race at Silverstone, but highlights features such as mechanical failures as well as the new manual pit stops and safety car gameplay. This last to first challenge showcases the difficulty of racing 110% AI and just how fast the AI can be in F1 22.

Full video link

Silverstone Gameplay  – Changeable weather

The below gameplay is courtesy of BushiAntz and features him racing around Silverstone in F1 22 in the McLaren MCL36. This gameplay features changing weather with the race changing from dry weather before it starts to rain partway through.

There is also a couple of safety cars in this gameplay, showing the process of the safety car being deployed multiple times throughout the race.

Full video link

Sprint Race Gameplay around Imola

The below gameplay is from content creator TheApexHound and features qualifying and a Sprint Race around Imola in F1 22. This gameplay showcases gameplay from onboard Max Verstappen’s car in F1 22, racing a full F1 22 grid. It also includes safety car gameplay as well as the new style formation lap.

The new formation lap allows you to manually control a complete the whole formation lap, giving you full control of how you warm your tyres. You can also manually line up your car in your starting grid spot, allowing you to dictate your own starting position.

Full video link

F1 22 Miami gameplay

The below footage showcases the new 2022 Miami track. It shows off the full Miami layout and just how fast this track feels from onboard an F1 car in F1 22. It also showcases a short qualifying session and how the formation lap works when you have qualified in pole position.

The updated manual formation lap allows you to slow the cars behind to ensure you don’t lose too much tyre temperature on your way to the grid. And it also lets you drive into your own grid spot. Gone are the days of the game automatically lining you up to your grid spot. Now the control is in your hands.

Much like the other gameplay videos featured above, this gameplay showcases the new manual pit stops in F1 22. These give you the control of when to turn into your pit box. And it even shows you an indicator as to how accurately you positioned your car when pitting.

Full video link

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