F1 22 Realistic Camera Settings

F1 22 is one of the most realistic Formula 1 games we've ever had, from the presentation to the gameplay. You can make it more realistic by using the correct camera settings. Here are all of the realistic T-Cam settings for F1 22

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F1 22 Realistic Camera Settings for all cars

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Realistic F1 22 T-Cam Settings

F1 22 gives players a lot of different camera angles to choose from when racing. You can drive using a chase cam if you fancy a more arcade experience, or use the cockpit cam if you are after realism.

Many competitive drivers will use the TV Pod camera angle. This positions the camera directly behind the driver’s head, with the camera positioned centrally.

However, if you’re looking to replicate the camera angle you see when watching Formula 1 on TV, the TV Pod Offset camera is the best camera to choose. When not racing in cockpit view, this is the camera I always choose. It allows us to produce a more authentic F1 experience, in line with the broadcast experience we see on TV.

I’m going to look at the best TV Pod Offset camera settings for every car in F1 22, showing you the best settings to use.

Just a quick disclaimer, this guide isn’t going to look at which camera settings make you faster or anything like that. This is strictly a guide on replicating realistic TV Pod / T-cam camera angles!

Realistic camera settings for every car in F1 22

Car-specific camera setting

I wanted to quickly touch on what the car-specific setting actually does.

The car-specific camera setting allows you to set different settings for every team on the grid. In real-world Formula 1, the TV Pod camera is placed ever so slightly different on every car. This means, that when you watch an onboard video from Aston Martin, the camera angle will be different to that on a Ferrari or Alpine.

The car-specific camera setting gives us the option to replicate every car’s different camera angle.

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    If you want a quick camera set up that looks fairly realistic for every car, you can leave this disabled. This will mean that in F1 22, every car will use the same settings. If however, you often race in different cars, and you want to replicate the exact camera angle for every car, you can enable this setting.

    Realistic TV pod offset global setting

    Below I’m going to show you our recommended camera settings for a realistic viewpoint using the T-cam. In the video above, I run through every single car’s individual setting to replicate each car’s camera angle.

    The settings below are the settings I would use if creating a single global camera setting.

    • Car Specific Settings: Disabled
    • Edit Camera Settings: Global
    • Camera: TV Pod Offset
    • Field of View: -12
    • Offset Lateral:-1
    • Offset Horizontal: -2
    • Offset Vertical: 6
    • Angle: -16
    • Near Clip Plane: 20
    • Mirror Angle: 0
    • Camera Shake: 10
    • Camera Movement: N/A
    • Look to Apex Limit: N/A
    • Halo Column: N/A

    F1 22 Realistic Camera Settings Red Bull

    You’ll see in the video above, that there are a few settings that are very similar across all cars. Predominantly, the angle always has to be reduced, as the T-cam on Formula 1 cars always points further down towards the car than in F1 22.

    The ideal camera setting for most cars in F1 22 will have this set at or close to -20. In some cars such as the Alpine, even -20 isn’t enough to bring the camera far enough down to replicate the angle shown on TV.

    I also always set the near clip plane to 20. This will prevent any part of the car model from clipping on screen, as typically I move the camera further back towards the rear of the car.

    Finally, another setting, camera shake is a personal preference. I like to have a little camera shake enabled to increase the feeling of speed. However, reducing this down closer to 0 is more realistic for what is seen on TV.

    How to change the camera angle in F1 22

    You can change your camera view in multiple ways in F1 22.

    From the pause menu

    If you pause the game at any point while on track, you will see your camera in the main menu. You can scroll down to this and then scroll left and right to change the camera angle.

    From your controller/wheel

    You can also map the change camera option to a button on your controller or racing wheel. To do this, open up the settings, and navigate over to the controls. Once you have selected the controller profile you are using, you will then be presented with a list of button inputs.

    Scroll down to the change camera option. Click on it, and then press the button you wish to use to change the camera.

    Once you’ve done this, exit the controls menu ensuring that you save the controller profile. From that point onwards you’ll be able to scroll through all of the F1 22 cameras using your chosen button.

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