*Updated* F1 22 Miami Car Setup – Best Race Setup

Miami is a new track for F1 22, making finding the perfect car setup tricky to find. This guide will run through the best car setup for Miami in F1 22 to give you the most speed.

F1 22 Miami Car Setup

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F1 22 Miami Setup

Miami is brand new for F1 22. It’s a track that none of us has raced on. Unless you downloaded the Miami mod for Assetto Corsa. But this is the first time we get to race the track with the official 2022 F1 cars. Again, unless you downloaded the 2022 season mod for Assetto Corsa…

But it’s a circuit that we have no real reference for, so finding the perfect car setup is a little trickier than at some other tracks. Nevertheless, here is our optimal Miami race setup which has been designed for longer-distance races.

This setup has been updated after the recent game updates!

Miami Car Setup Video


Just looking at the track map, you can tell that Miami is going to be a low downforce circuit. It features three DRS zones, and a few long straights or kinks. When you drive the circuit for the first time you will spot some similarities to the Saudi Arabian street circuit.

Both feature fast sweeping corners that require you to lift off the throttle. And both require a solid amount of rear downforce to keep the car planted to the track.

I’ve gone with a low front wing angle of 14 and a more balanced rear wing of 20.

This will allow us to hit over 200mph on the straights while ensuring the rear of the car won’t step out on you through the fast corners.


Because a lot of corners around Miami are fast sweeping turns, I’ve kept the on-throttle differential relatively high. There is an extremely slow and technical sector towards the end of the lap of turns 14, 15 and 16.

This sector in particular requires good traction. And this is the reason I haven’t increased the on-throttle diff setup higher. I tested it, and the lap time I gained around the rest of the lap all got lost in this section.

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Go for an on-throttle diff of 80 and an off-throttle diff of just 52.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry, I’ve gone with the usual combination of front camber towards the right-hand side of the slider, and all other values towards the left. Go for a camber setup of -2.8 on the front and -1.7 on the rear.

You won’t need much toe around Miami, so keep this down to 0.05 on the front and 0.23 on the rear.

Suspension Setup

For the suspension, I’ve gone for a stiff front to help give us extra responsiveness. Then I’ve lowered the rear suspension stiffness to aid with traction. The cars in F1 22 are so stiff that I think a soft rear suspension will be the trend with most car setups this year.

Go for a front suspension and anti-roll bar of 8, and rear of 2.

Then go for a relatively high rake ride height of 4 at the front and 5 at the rear.


Despite being a completely new track, there is one part of the setup that will be easy to create. And that’s the brake setup. Here, I’ve gone for my normal setup of 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

Tyre Setup

For the tyres, I’ve lowered the pressures all around, going for 23.0 on both fronts and 21.3 on both rears. The lower rear tyre pressures create a slightly softer car and help with traction under acceleration.

Again, just like my last few setups, if your tyre values are out by 0.1 compared to mine don’t worry, it won’t affect your car setup drastically. I think this is due to a different update version, and Codemasters just tweaked the values in between game updates.

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Miami is a track that I’ve really enjoyed racing around so far. Much like Jeddah, it’s a street track with fast sweeping corners, requiring a relatively low downforce setup.

This setup will give you a car that is well-balanced and easy to race with consistently in longer-distance races.

Let me know how you get on with this new track and this car setup in the comments below.

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