*Updated* F1 22 Jeddah Car Setup – Best Race Setup

The second track in the F1 22 calendar is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is a track that requires the perfect car setup to handle the tricky corners. Here is our recommended F1 22 Jeddah car setup.

F1 22 Saudi Arabia Car Setup
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F1 22 Saudi Arabia Setup

Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is the second track on the F1 calendar, so is next up in our F1 22 car setup series. Now, this is a track that we have seen twice in quick succession, as it appeared towards the end of the 2021 season and the beginning of the 2022 season.

It’s a track that is notoriously hard to drive, with quite a few fast sweeping corners. You really need to learn the track and feel confident in your car. This car setup will give you us a very stable car that is kind on its tyres throughout a full race distance.

This setup has been updated after the recent game updates!

Jeddah Car Setup Video


Setting up the aerodynamics for Jeddah is a little tricky. The fast sweeping corners reward cars with good rear downforce. However, we can’t prioritise downforce too much due to the exceptionally long straights.

So for this reason, I’ve gone with a low to balanced aero setup. This gives us enough speed to pull overtaking moves along the straights, but enough downforce so we can take the corners with confidence.

Go for a front wing aero setup of 21 and a rear wing of 24.

The higher rear wing gives us good rear stability but does produce slightly more drag. So consider lowering it if you feel you still need a little more speed down the straights. This can be useful to do if you know you’ll be starting towards the back of the grid.


I’ve gone for a low on-throttle differential setup to help with traction out of some of the slower corners. While a high differential could serve you well through the faster corners, it will make accelerating out of the slower sections such as the slow first sector rather tricky.

Go for 65 on-throttle diff and 50 off-throttle.

The low off-throttle diff will help rotate your car into the slower corners, making up for the low front wing aero setup.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry looks a lot like a lot of our old F1 2021 setups, and that is because this part of the F1 22 setups is pretty similar. Go pretty close to the maximum for the front camber with a lower rear camber setup. This will give us a responsive car whilst still having one eye on tyre life for the race.

Then take off all of the tow you can for both our front and rear toe setup. This is to solely prioritise our straight-line speed and minimise the amount of drag.

That leaves us with a front camber of -2.7, rear camber of -1.5, front toe of 0.05 and rear toe at 0.20.

Suspension Setup

We will want to compensate for the increased stiffness of the suspension for this year’s car by keeping our suspension quite soft. Low values will help us ride over kerbs better which is key to a fast lap time around Jeddah.

I’ve gone for a front suspension and anti-roll bar setup of 4 on both. And then I’ve lowered the rear suspension and anti-roll bar both to 2.

Then for the ride height, I’ve gone about as low as I’d want to around Jeddah. Go for 4 and 4 for your ride height setup.


For the brakes, I’ve gone with our usual setup of 100% brake pressure but I’ve set the brake bias to just 50%. Normally I’d like to increase this a little, as a 50% brake bias just isn’t realistic.

However, in F1 22 it’s the best way to prevent front-wheel lockups and you simply don’t suffer from any rear locking like you would in the real world.

Tyre Setup

For the tyre pressures, I’ve gone close to maximum, but not quite all the way. While setting all tyre pressures at maximum, you would get a more responsive car, it will hurt you through a race distance. Keeping them away from maximum will help you manage your tyre temperature and wear throughout a full race.

Go for 23.0 on both fronts and 21.3 on both rears.

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This car setup for Jeddah in F1 22 will give you a well-balanced car. The aero and suspension setup in particular is designed at making this car setup easy to drive consistently throughout a full race distance.

If you do fancy a little more top speed and don’t mind a slightly looser rear end, you can get away with decreasing the rear aero a touch.

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