*Updated* F1 22 Imola Car Setup – Best Race Setup

Imola is a historic F1 track that has made a welcome return over the past few years. In F1 22, it's a track that is high speed and difficult to drive. Here is the best Imola car setup for F1 22.

F1 22 Imola Car Setup

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F1 22 Imola Setup

Imola is a classic circuit that I absolutely love. It’s fast, tight and technical in some areas, and requires a car that can handle cornering at speed. You’ll also need to attack every kerb around Imola, so ensuring your car isn’t too stiff or skittish is important.

This setup has been updated after the recent game updates!

Imola Car Setup Video


Jumping straight into the aero setup. I’ve gone for an ever so slightly low downforce-based setup, well compared to the default F1 22 setups. This will help increase your top speed down the long main straight.

This is the main overtaking spot and is DRS assisted, making it an important part of the track to consider.

Opt for just 16 on the front wing and 22 on the rear wing.

This approach is similar to all our other F1 22 setups so far, with a priority on the rear aero balance.


For the transmission, you should lower both your on and off-throttle diff for Imola. Lower on-throttle diff will help you accelerate easier out of the slower corners, and there are a few around this track. Turns 7, 12 and 15 all pose a challenge for your throttle management. And it’s easy to oversteer out of all of these tricky corners.

An on-throttle differential setup of just 75 will help.

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For your off-throttle differential, I’m going to compensate for the lack of front aero with a low setup. Go for 50 here to help you rotate the car better into slower speed turns.

Suspension Geometry

For your camber setup, go with -2.7 on the front and -1.5 on the rear.

While Imola feels incredibly high speed due to the narrow track layout, the medium-speed corners allow us to run higher amounts of toe than at other tracks. This will aid with responsiveness, which is crucial at this track in F1 22.

Go with 0.08 on your front toe and 0.29 on your rear.

Suspension Setup

For the suspension, I’ve gone with a stiff front suspension and soft rear. This will give the front end of the car a lot more agility as you turn the wheel, while the softer rear will improve rear traction and drive over kerbs.

Opt for 6 on your front suspension and 7 on your front anti-roll bar, and 2 on both rears.

For the ride height, I’ve opted for 4 and 4. Any lower and you will have an extremely tough ride over the kerbs, especially with the soft rear suspension.


The brake setup is my normal setup of 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias. Again, this is quite simply the most efficient way to set up your brakes for most tracks.

Tyre Setup

For the tyre pressures, I’ve gone a little low for this setup. With 23.0 on both front tyres and 21.3 on both rears, you’ll have a car that is kind on its tyres throughout the race.

Imola isn’t overly harsh on tyres which is why we haven’t had to accommodate tyre wear too much in our suspension geometry and tyre setup. Instead, we’ve got a fine balance between performance and tyre life.

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This Imola setup will help manage your oversteer and traction out of the slower corners. While the slightly low downforce approach will keep you quick on down the incredibly long pit straight.

Let me know what setup you are using in the comments below.

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