How To Master Hungary in F1 22 – Complete Hungaroring Track Guide

Learn how to master the Hungarian GP circuit in F1 22. This is the ultimate Hungary track guide to help you put in faster lap times around the Hungaroring.

F1 22 Hungary Track Guide

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Next on the Formula 1 calendar is Hungary (at the time of writing). So today I’m going to be looking at a track guide to help you master the Hungaroring in F1 22.

I’ll be driving a complete lap of the circuit, and showing you in detail where to place your car, when to brake and how to find lap time around the Hungaroring. All of these tips should help you master this tricky Hungarian circuit in F1 22.

Watch the full Hungary track guide video

Turn 1

Hungary is a very downforce-heavy circuit. It requires a very good aero balance, along with brilliant rear stability. There are a fair few corners that can catch you out and will have the rear of your car overtaking the front if not perfected.

Starting the lap around Hungary, the first corner is relatively slow, but like many corners around the Hungaroring, it’s long.

You’ll want to be on the far left of the track on the approach, and brake around 70-80 meters, slap bang in between the 100 and 50 meter boards.

The braking zone is fairly normal, brake hard and in a straight line. Start to apply some steering lock just after the 50 meter board and aim for the apex. You’ll want to drop down to second or third gear. Second will give you a slow mid corner speed, but will help with a little extra rotation.

You can ride up and over the first part of the kerb at the apex just before you start applying the throttle.

Start to open your steering while increasing your throttle input. Pay attention to the DRS line as it comes at you before you’ve straightened your car. And you may want to not activate it straight away. Only activate it once your car is straight and under control to avoid a spin.

You can run onto the outside kerb if needed, although try to keep off it as much as you can. The green astro turf and the bumpy kerb can make accelerating a little trickier.

Turn 2

Once you’re at full throttle start to drift over to the right of the track in preparation for turn 2. Unusually, you can ride up and onto the outside kerb just before braking to maximise the corner width.

There aren’t any great reference points as to when to start braking, but you’ll want to hit the brakes around 80 meters, just as the 100-meter board disappears from view.

Start releasing the brake pedal and drift in towards the apex, dropping to third gear and around 80-85mph.

T2 is another long corner, and it feels like you’re waiting forever to start accelerating again, but be patient. Make sure you avoid touching the grey inside kerb, as it will throw you off track!

And once you’re at the apex you can start to apply a small amount of throttle to push your car through the second part of the turn.

Turn 3

Turn 3 is a very fast kink right, and you can be full throttle through here. Run right over the inside kerb and drift out wide to ensure you can keep the throttle pressure at 100%.

Turn 4

Then drift over to the right-hand side for turn 4. This corner is very fast, and it’s easy to make a mistake as the apex is completely blind.

Much like turn 2, ride up over the outside kerb on the entry, and start braking almost as soon as your wheel touches the kerb.

You’ll only want a quick stab of the brake pedal before lifting off completely, turning in towards the apex and accelerating again. You can accelerate through T4, applying around 50-60% throttle before you ride over the inside kerb.

Take as much kerb as you can to minimise the corner angle, and get on full throttle before you touch the outside kerb. Then drift immediately over to the left of the track.

Turn 5

Turn 5 is a long corner where you’ll want a late apex. Again there isn’t much of a reference point for when to brake, but try to hit the brake pedal before you reach the end of the right hand kerb.

You’ll want a quick stab on the brake pedal, barely reaching 100% brake pressure, before you lift off and turn in to the corner.

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Shift down to fourth gear and carry as much speed as possible through here. If you don’t quite hit the apex, no problem, as you can carry speed around the outside of this corner.

Look to straighten up the car early and accelerate hard, drifting over the outside kerb if needed.

Turns 6 & 7

The next corner is the tricky chicane. Brake at around 60-70 meters, or just as you reach the start of the outside kerb. Drop down to third gear just as you start to turn in.

Both parts of the corner feature large sausage kerbs which you’ll want to avoid. Instead, staying in third gear, try to take as much inside kerb as you can without touching the sausage kerbs.

This will give you the shortest route through the chicane. Then use all of the exit kerb, but ensure you don’t touch the grass on the exit.

Turns 8 & 9

The next chicanes aren’t quite as slow as the previous. Brake while you’re still riding over the outside kerb just after the 50-meter board.

You won’t want full brake pressure here, instead stab the brakes to get to around 70% brake pressure and release them again very quickly.

Shift down to fourth gear and aim to take a lot of inside kerb. It’s very easy to miss this inside kerb and run wide which will compromise your speed all the way to turn 11, so getting this corner right is important.

Then drift far left after taking the apex. You’ll just about reach full throttle before you have to release it again for turn 9. You can apply a tiny bit of brake pressure if needed, or just release the throttle and coast into the apex of turn 9.

Take all of the inside kerb here before accelerating, then utilise all of the exit kerb. You should be at full throttle as you reach the outside kerb.

Turn 10

Turn 10 is a simply full throttle kink left before the fast turn 11.

Turn 11

Stay far left on the approach to T11 using all of the entry kerb on the outside. You won’t need to touch the brake pedal on the entry, simply lift off just after touching the entry kerb, and throw the car into the corner.

Try to take some kerb on the inside, you’ll see I just missed it on my lap. Then run out wide over the whole of the exit kerb. Ensure you keep your right front wheel just inside the white line otherwise you’ll get a track limits warning.

Turn 12

Turn 12 is very traditional. Brake at full pressure around 70 meters, just before you reach the entry kerb. Keep your car very straight, and start to turn in just after the 50-meter board.

Trail off the brake pedal, and aim to take some kerb on the inside. You should shift down to third gear, just before starting to accelerate through the turn.

Use some of the exit kerb but be wary of the slippery green astroturf just past the kerb.

Turn 13

Turn 13 is my least favourite on the whole track as it’s just so long and awkward. Ensure your car is far right on the track and start braking just past the shadow from the DHL sign. If the time of day is different, start braking around halfway through the entry kerb, or just as the black sign on the right disappears from view.

You’ll have to apply some steering input while braking here, but start to release the brake pedal before you start fully turning into the corner.

Trail brake into the corner, dropping to third gear. You can drop to second gear if you run out a little too wide to bring the car back towards the apex.

Aim for a slightly late apex to allow you to get good acceleration down towards the final turn. Again, don’t touch the inside grey kerb as it will almost always spin your car around!

Use the entry of the pit lane to allow you to accelerate hard as you drift out wide, then pull to the left of the track.

Turn 14

The last corner on the track will see you taking another late apex to give you the best acceleration onto the pit straight.

Start braking just as the floodlight disappears on the left of your screen, and drop down to fourth gear at the DRS detection line.

Turn into the corner while releasing the brake pedal fully, and start to accelerate around the corner. Only apply around 30-40-50% throttle, increasing your throttle pressure as you get further around the turn.

Look for a late apex as soon as the coloured kerbs start on the inside, and accelerate hard out of the corner. This DRS line also comes at you fast so don’t miss it!


And that will round out a lap of the Hungaroring in F1 22.

This isn’t one of my favourite tracks, but it can be very fast and it requires you to be on the ball at all times as there is always a corner coming at you. You really don’t get a rest around here!

There are a few tricky sequences, but the most dangerous are the inside kerbs at turns 2 and 13. If you touch these, you’ll spin almost every time. Then you have to be careful of the outside kerb at turn 1, as you can easily get out of shape if you apply too much throttle while riding over this corner.

The middle of the lap is very hard to overtake on, so ensure you get a good exit out of turns 14 and turn 1 to be in the best place to attack or defend from other cars.

F1 22 Hungarian race setup

If you want to see our best race setup for your car, you can see our best Hungary F1 22 setup here.

That setup will give you the best platform to perform well during a race in My Team or your career mode. In terms of making changes to that setup since the 1.06 patch, you can watch our video on what to change after the patch. You can find that video here.

Let me know in the comments below how you’ve found this track guide. Do you like Hungary and are you looking forward to the race this weekend?

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