F1 22 Hungary Car Setup – Best Race Setup

Hungary is often dubbed Monaco without walls. This is because it is an incredibly high downforce circuit with many resemblances to Monaco. Here is our best Hungarian F1 22 car setup.

F1 22 Hungary Car Setup

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F1 22 Hungary Setup

Hungary is tricky to nail. It’s often likened to Monaco without walls due to the high levels of downforce that teams have to run in their setups. There are a lot of slower corners that all tend to flow from one into the other. This really tests a car’s balance as well as its aerodynamic setup.

If you can create a car setup that is easy to drive consistently, that’ll give you a solid base to work from. Hungary is a track where flow and consistency are both crucial. If you find a really fast car setup that is hard to drive, you’ll be punished around the 14 corners of the Hungaroring.

Here is my best race setup for Hungary in F1 22.

Hungary Car Setup video


As I just mentioned, you’ll require high levels of downforce at this track. Many time trial setups will use close to 50-50 wings to max out their downforce. However, I’ve come away from that a little, to give you an edge on the straights. With 50-50 wings you’ll find it incredibly hard to overtake during a race.

Instead, go with 43 on your front wing and 49 on your rear. This will give you close to maximum levels of downforce with a little extra top speed over the other drivers.


For the transmission, you’ll want lower levels of both on and off-throttle differential. A low on-throttle diff of 66 will help with traction out of the slower corners. This is crucial out of many turns, but most importantly turns 7 and 14.

The chicane of turns 6 and 7 is possibly the hardest place to find traction, while turn 14 leads onto the pit straight which is the main overtaking spot.

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Keep your off-throttle diff down at 55 to give you a little extra rotation at slow speed, mitigating our lower front wing aero.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry go with a front camber of -2.5, rear camber of -1.8, front toe of 0.05 and rear toe of 0.2. The lack of toe will help a little more down the pit straight.

Suspension Setup

For the suspension, I’ve gone with the usual approach of a stiff front end to help responsiveness, and a softer rear end to aid traction. Go for 9 on your front suspension and anti-roll bar, and lower the rear suspension and ARB all the way to 1.

Then a ride of 3 and 4 is about perfect for Hungary.


For the brakes, I’ve taken the usual approach of 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

Tyre Setup

And the tyre pressures are on the higher side. You’ll want slightly lower rear tyre pressures as this will increase the contact patch with the road and help a little more with traction at slower speeds. While the higher front pressures will help with initial turn-in to corners.

Go with 24.5 on your front pressures and 22.3 on the rears.

If your tyre setup values are different to these, just try to set the closest values you can to my setup.

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This is possibly one of the harder tracks to drive and master in F1 22. The combination of technical corners that flow into each other will punish you if you get your racing line wrong through any part of the track.

During a race focus on your traction under acceleration and try not to light up the rear tyres. This will increase temperature and tyre wear as well as losing you valuable time.

Let me know how you find this setup in the comments below.

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