F1 22 Complete Supercar List

For the first time ever, supercars will be driveable in F1 22. You can unlock and drive in a variety of supercars in the new F1 Life game mode. Here is a complete list of every supercar in F1 22.

F1 22 Complete Supercar List

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Supercars in F1 22

F1 22 will feature ten supercars that can all be driven in-game. This is the first time that cars that aren’t open-wheeled race cars have been included in a Formula 1 game.

In previous F1 games, we’ve seen Formula 2 cars as well as historic Formula 1 cars. But never any driveable cars that aren’t open-wheeled race cars.

As a part of the brand new F1 Life game mode in F1 22, you can unlock and drive a variety of supercars. You will be able to drive these cars on any track in the game in the new Pirelli Hot Laps game mode.

This game mode will be a part of the F1 Life where you can also customise your house and driver.

F1 22 supercar list

As mentioned, there are ten supercars included in F1 22. Although two of them are duplicates. Those being the Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. Both of these cars are available in their normal form as well as their F1 safety car design.

Below is a list of every supercar included in F1 22.

  • Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition
  • Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car
  • Aston Martin DB11 AMR
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo
  • Ferrari Roma
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Safety Car
  • Mercedes-AMG GT R
  • McLaren 720s
  • McLaren Artura

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How to drive supercars in F1 22

It isn’t completely apparent how you unlock supercars in F1 22, and it probably won’t be revealed until F1 22 launches on July 1st. It does seem that supercars becoming unlocked is linked to your progression in your career mode.

Once you have supercars unlocked you can use them in the Pirelli Hot Laps game mode.

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McLaren Artura F1 22 Supercars Pirelli hot Laps

What events can you race supercars in?

The main way you’ll be racing supercars in the Pirelli Hot Laps are, well, on hot laps. These hot laps will allow you to take the supercars out on track in a few different game modes.

The Pirelli Hot Lap game modes include;

  • Average Speed Zone
  • Drift
  • Checkpoint Challenge
  • Rival Duel
  • Autocross

There will also be a variety of events including checkpoint challenges to see how fast you can race through checkpoints on track. These are very similar to invitational events that have featured in previous F1 games. Autocross takes this one step further by adding cones for you to race through on track.

If you fancy having some more fun in the supercars in F1 22, you’ll be able to let loose in drift events. These events are much more focused on going sideways in style rather than putting in blistering lap times.

Rival duel will allow you to compete against a rival on track in an intense 1 on 1 battle. And average speed zone will test how fast you can drive through specified areas on track.

Pirelli Hot Laps are already a part of the real-world Formula 1 structure, allowing celebrities to take part in hot laps on track throughout a Grand Prix weekend. This game mode seems to be designed to take inspiration from this structure. It serves as the perfect excuse to add more content to flesh out the new F1 Life game mode.

You will be able to participate in Pirelli Hot Laps throughout your F1 22 career. And you can access the game mode from your garage. Here is where you can scroll through all cars you have unlocked. And you can select which car you fancy taking out on track.

F1 22 supercars F1 Life

Can you race supercars online in F1 22?

Unfortunately, we cannot use or race supercars online against other drivers in F1 22. This feature was originally planned to be included, however, was cut from the game. Focus had to be given to other areas of the game, so the competitive online supercar feature was removed from F1 22. I would highly expect it to be included in next year’s game.

This means that you can only drive the supercars in single-player game modes for this year at least.

F1 22 gameplay trailer including supercars

Below is the most recent F1 22 features trailer. This video showcases supercars in F1 22 for the first time. They have been introduced as a part of the new F1 Life game mode.

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