F1 22 Britain Car Setup – Best Race Setup

Silverstone is one of the fastest circuits on the F1 22 calendar. It features a range of extremely fast corners, and long straights which provides good racing. Here is our best British car setup for F1 22.

F1 22 British Car Setup
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F1 22 Silverstone Setup

Silverstone is one of the best all-around tracks in F1 22 in my opinion. It has a little bit of everything with a heavy focus on high-speed flowing corners that really test a driver’s bravery and precision as well as how balanced their car setup is.

The main emphasis has to be on a low downforce setup with a strong emphasis on rear stability. Corners such as Maggotts, Becketts, Chapel and Stowe all test how stable your car setup is. And they reward the drivers who can keep the throttle planted on corner exit the most. Especially exiting Chapel, as it leads onto the longest straights on the track.

British Car Setup video


With that in mind, our aero setup lays the foundation for this low downforce, rear-focused setup. I’ve gone with a front wing of 15, and a rear wing of 23. This will ensure that you are fast enough down the long straights and that the rear of your car stays planted as you accelerate through the longer corners.


The transmission setup is relatively balanced, with an on-throttle differential of 77. Keeping this on the higher side will aid with your cornering speed through the faster corners. While lowering it will increase traction out of The Loop and Club corner. 77 is a nice balance with the whole track layout in mind.

Keep the off-throttle diff low at 55, just like many of our car setups.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry, we’ve got the normal approach of front camber far right on the slider at -2.6, and all other values towards the left. The rear camber is setup at -1.9, the front toe is at 0.07 and the rear toe is at 0.3.

Reducing your rear toe would aid in straight-line speed, and is a valid approach. However, I’ve kept some toe to aid with acceleration out of corners and rear grip.

Suspension Setup

I’ve once again gone with a stiff front end and softer rear end. Go for 7 on the front suspension and 2 on the rear. Then go for 6 on the front anti-roll bar and just 1 on the rear. This will help your car’s initial responsiveness while allowing the rear to remain stable under acceleration.

For the ride height opt for 3 and 4, which is as low as I’d like to go around Silverstone. Some time trial setups will push this lower due to the smooth track surface, but this will bite you during a longer race.


The brakes are set up with 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

Tyre Setup

For the tyre setup, I’ve gone for higher front tyre pressures at 24.5 on both fronts, and lower pressures at the rear with 21.8 on both rears.

If your tyre setup values are different to these, just try to set the closest values you can to my setup.

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This setup is designed to both maximise your straight-line speed while also keeping your car well balanced and responsive. This is one of the most fun tracks to race around in F1 22 and is a personal favourite of mine, so I always enjoy creating this car setup.

Let me know how you find this setup in the comments below.

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Article written by Mjolnir

Mjolnir is one of the main setup creators and content writers for SimRacingSetups. He has had years of experience in sim racing, both competitively and casually. After a decade of sim racing experience, he co-founded SimRacingSetup.com to share his passion and knowledge of sim racing and Formula 1 with other sim racers.
Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.
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