How To Sign Up To The F1 22 Beta & Play Early

With F1 22 being revealed, the big question now moves to how can you apply to join the beta and play F1 22 early. I'll show you how in this guide.

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How To Sign Up For The F1 22 Beta

We have just had the official reveal of the F1 22 game, with a release date of 1st July. This year’s game is being marketed as “the new era”, and should bring with it a whole host of new features and gameplay changes. Read our guide to learn everything we know about the F1 22 game.

In terms of an F1 22 beta, nothing has been officially announced yet, but it is highly likely that there will be a beta. Every game for the past few years has had a closed beta allowing Codemasters to test features and fix any bugs they find before the game’s release.

Also, most EA Sports games have closed betas every year, which further points to F1 22 having a beta this year.

To best prepare for any potential F1 22 beta, there are a few things that you can do.

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Step 1 – Sign up to the EA website

This year, all forum and beta activities for F1 22 are moving away from Codemasters, and over to EA. This means you will need an EA account if you wish to sign up for an F1 22 beta.

To create an EA account, simply head over to and either log in or register a new account.

Step 2 – Join EA Community Playtesting

EA Community Playtesting

Once you have an EA account, you should head over to your profile settings, and join the EA Community Playtesting.

Clicking this button will take you through to a playtesting portal, where you have to sign in with your EA account. This is as simple as clicking sign in, then agreeing to EA’s terms and conditions. Once you have signed in with your EA account, you will be enrolled to be selected for playtesting new games.

EA Playtesting beta

Step 3 – Check for updates

Once you have successfully enrolled for EA playtesting using the method above, the next step is to wait to see if you are selected for the F1 22 beta. EA normally choose playtesters at random, rather than the method Codemasters used.

In the past, Codemasters use to select beta participants based on their community input, and how active they were on the forums. It doesn’t seem that EA selects their beta participants in the same way. Instead, it seems to be much more random.

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The best way you can secure your spot for the F1 22 beta, is to simply enrol for EA playtesting, and hope you are chosen. If you have multiple EA accounts within your household (multiple members of the family have separate accounts for example).

You can always ensure each account is registered for playtesting to maximise your chances of being picked for the F1 22 beta. You can’t create multiple fake accounts on EA as your EA account is linked to your console or platform of choice. This is also against EA’s guidelines so isn’t advisable.

When Does The F1 22 Beta Registration Period Open?

Previous F1 beta sign up periods have all opened around the end of April or the beginning of May. This means the selection for the beta is normally confirmed by the end of May at the latest.

It is recommended that you sign up for EA playtesting before the end of April to give yourself the best chance of participating in the F1 22 beta.

The F1 22 game has been announced slightly later than previous years meaning the beta could happen a little later too. However the launch date is sooner than previous Formula 1 games, so this could point to the beta happening in early June. As soon as we get official confirmation of the F1 22 beta, I’ll update this guide to reflect the beta opening time and date.

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When Will The F1 22 Beta Registration Close?

Last year the beta registration closed in mid-May, meaning any sign-ups after that weren’t considered for participation. This year, we would expect the F1 22 beta sign up period to close around the same sort of date, around the middle of May.

What will be included in this year’s beta?

F1 22 In-game screenshot

With the 2022 Formula 1 car being so different from the previous generation, and with EA’s further involvement with the series this year’s F1 22 beta could include a lot of new things to try.

There will almost certainly be a new handling model, as this year’s Formula 1 cars handle remarkably different to last year. This will almost certainly be the first thing that Codemasters and EA try to dial in before the game’s release. They may test multiple handling models throughout the beta period.

This year’s F1 game will also include new features such as supercars and a bigger emphasis on a new game mode called F1 Life. We could see some features from this game mode being tested in an F1 22 beta.

There are also rumours that this year’s F1 22 game will be built around a new game engine. Perhaps it will be targeted more at the current generation of consoles to maximise performance and graphics. If this is the case, we can expect this year’s game to look and feel much different from F1 2021.

Is the F1 22 beta available on all platforms?

The previous betas have all been available on every platform, so this year should be the same. If you are selected to participate in the F1 22 beta, you will almost certainly be asked which platform you want to play the beta on.

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