F1 22 Best Logitech G923 Wheel Settings

The Logitech G923 is one of the best budget racing wheels. It is fully compatible with F1 22 on all platforms. Here are the best force feedback settings for the G923 in F1 22.

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F1 22 Logitech G923 Settings

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Here are our optimised Logitech G923 settings for F1 22. These settings will make your G923 feel more realistic in game and allow you to drive F1 22 with confidence.

Watch our video guide on the best Logitech G923 wheel settings for F1 22

Logitech G HUB Settings

If you are racing on PC, you will have access to the Logitech G Hub. This piece of free software allows you to make adjustments directly to your racing wheel. These settings are applied to your wheel before you enter F1 22.

If you are racing on Xbox or PlayStation, you can still use the G Hub on your PC to adjust settings. Simply connect your racing wheel to your PC via USB and open G Hub. Once you’ve applied any setting changes, you can unplug your wheel and reconnect it to your Xbox or PlayStation. All settings that you changed will remain in effect while you race on your console.

I would recommend changing only a single setting in the G Hub. That setting is the operating range. Lower this to 360 degrees to mimic a Formula 1 car’s steering lock.

The other settings can remain the same. We can control the force feedback in more detail directly in F1 22’s wheel settings.

Logitech G923 G Hub Settings

Wheel calibration settings

The first stop once we are in F1 22, is to head over to the ‘Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback’ settings. Here we can calibrate our G923 wheel, as well as adjust the calibration settings.

Once you’re in the calibration settings, go ahead and start the button test. During the test, you can check that your steering, brake and throttle are all working correctly.

Push any pedal or turn the wheel to see the bars on the right-hand side move. They should all reach 100 when you push the pedals fully and turn the wheel 180 degrees in either direction.

Calibration settings

There are a few settings in this menu that I have adjusted for the G923. I have increased the throttle linearity ever so slightly, only to around 5. This will give us a little more control at the center of the wheel.

Throttle linearity adjusts the linearity curve, which in turn adjusts how sensitive your steering wheel is when you first start to turn it.

Increasing the linearity will make the wheel ever so slightly less sensitive around the center of the wheel. This will allow us to apply more precise inputs as we initially turn the wheel.

F1 22 Wheel calibration

I’ve also adjusted the brake saturation ever so slightly. This increases when the brake pedal will register 100% input. The higher you set the brake saturation, the less you’ll have to push the pedal to reach 100% brake pressure.

With the Logitech G923, the brake pedal is much stiffer than with previous Logitech racing wheels. In F1 22, I have found that constantly pushing the brake pedal to reach 100% input is hard to do.

Increasing the brake saturation will decrease the amount of pressure we need to apply to hit 100% pressure. This will allow us to brake at 100% pressure more consistently while racing in F1 22.

Those are the only two settings that I adjust in the F1 22 calibration menu. Once you’ve checked all inputs are being registered with the button test, and adjusted those settings. Head back out of this menu screen.

Logitech G923 F1 22 Force Feedback Settings

Below are our favourite force feedback settings for the Logitech G923 on F1 22. These have been tried and tested with F1 22 on Xbox, PS5 and PC, and they work well.

These settings are designed to give an improved feel to the default settings in F1 22. They allow for more clarity in the finer details such as track imperfections.

In-Game Settings:

  • Vibration & FFB: On
  • Vibration & FFB Strength: 90
  • On Track Effects: 35
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 30
  • Off Track Effects: 20
  • Wheel Damper: 15
  • Understeer Enhance: Off

Settings explanation

I haven’t turned the Vibration & FFB Strength up to 100%, as this introduces some clipping. At around 90, we’re getting the best all-round feeling from the G923 wheel.

Clipping is when the forces generated exceed the maximum output of the wheel’s motor. This makes more forces run into the wheel’s maximum potential. As a consequence, you will find it harder to decipher different types of force feedback.

For the on track effects, I have gone with a value of 35. Much higher than this and you start to get a lot of unwanted oscillation. You’ll also start to get a lot of vibration at all parts of the track.

Really, we want this setting to define different textures on the track surface. Any higher and the entirety of the track starts to feel like you’re racing off-road!

The rumble strip effects change how aggressive the kerbs are. In F1 22, the kerbs have been reworked to be more aggressive due to the increased suspension stiffness. For that reason, I haven’t gone above 30 with this setting.

I’ve set the off track force feedback effects to be relatively low at 20. This will make it easier to get back on track if you go off. If you fancy more of a challenge you can turn this setting up.

Finally, the wheel damper should be set around 15. Much higher and the wheel will start to feel too heavy. Steering wheels in Formula cars are relatively light due to the power steering. So keeping this setting low mimics this approach.

Logitech G29 Force Feedback Settings

Below are the individual settings for the older Logitech G29 and G920. These are slightly different to the newer Logitech G923.

The main difference is in the strength as the older Logitech racing wheels struggle to output the same fidelity of force feedback as the G923 is capable of. This has meant that we’ve had to turn up the strength settings to achieve a similar result.

In-Game Settings:

  • Vibration & FFB: On
  • Vibration & FFB Strength: 100
  • On Track Effects: 35
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 45
  • Off Track Effects: 20
  • Wheel Damper: 15
  • Understeer Enhance: Off

Logitech G923 Control layout

For the first time in a while, the Logitech G923 has the same button configuration no matter which console version you buy. With previous Logitech wheels including the G29 and G920, both the Xbox and PlayStation wheels looked rather different.

The G923 follows the old G29 layout with the rotary dial and extra plus and minus buttons. These can be used in-game to adjust certain settings.

  • Accelerate – Throttle Pedal
  • Brake – Brake Pedal
  • Steer Left – Steering Wheel Turned Left
  • Steer Right – Steering Wheel Turned Right
  • Pause – Menu
  • Gear Up – Right Paddle Shifter
  • Gear Down – Left Shifter Paddle
  • Clutch – Right Paddle Shifter (Used for race starts)
  • Overtake – X/A
  • Next Camera – Unassigned
  • Camera Free Look – Unassigned
  • Look Back – Circle/B
  • Replay/Flashback – Unassigned
  • DRS – Triangle/Y
  • Pit Limiter – Square/X
  • Radio Commands – Unassigned
  • Multi-Function Display – Cross/A
  • MFD Menu Control – D-Pad

You can make changes to these default F1 22 button bindings. Simply highlight and select the button input that you’d like to change. Then push the input that you’d like to map it to. You can then save your preset button configuration so it is easily accessible.

F1 22 Force Feedback Settings Explained

There are a range of force feedback settings available to change in F1 22. They all affect different areas of the overall force feedback that you’ll feel through your Logitech G923.

The strength is a global setting that affects how much force feedback you’ll feel overall. Decreasing this will reduce the amount of force generated, while increasing it will increase the overall strength.

The on track, off track and rumble strip effects all affect how much force feedback is generated from individual track surfaces. You can adjust these individually to make certain parts of the track feel more or less pronounced.

The wheel damper setting in F1 22 changes how heavy or light your wheel feels when you try to turn it. Higher settings will make your G923 harder to turn.

The understeer enhance turns on an artificial setting to allow you to better understand when your car is understeering. I’d always recommend this setting to be turned off for realism.

Read our F1 22 force feedback settings guide for a more detailed explanation.

F1 22 Force Feedback Settings

Is the Logitech G923 a good wheel for F1 22?

The Logitech G923 is a very capable budget-friendly racing wheel. There’s a reason why it is one of the most popular racing wheels at most retailers. It is competitively priced, making it the ideal first sim racing wheel or a good upgrade from a non-force feedback wheel.

The G923 and the older G29/G920 all use gear-driven force feedback technology. This is different from the very best racing wheels which are direct drive. However, it is a good way of producing decent force feedback from a small motor at a budget.

Read our guide to the best F1 22 racing wheels here for a deep dive into the best racing wheels across Xbox, PS5 and PC, across a range of budgets.


The settings above are designed to make your Logitech G923 feel more realistic in F1 22. These settings have been optimised to increase the amount of detail that you feel from your wheel during specific scenarios. They should allow you to race F1 22 with confidence. If they don’t feel quite right, feel free to tune them to your own preference.

And let me know in the comments below what settings you’re using!

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