F1 22 Best Fanatec Wheel Settings

Fanatec produce some fantastic high end sim racing wheels. They produce great force feedback and realism. Here are the recommended Fanatec force feedback settings for F1 22.

F1 22 Fanatec Force Feedback Settings
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Here are our optimised Fanatec force feedback settings for F1 22. These have been created with the CSL DD and GT DD Pro but can be used across more powerful Fanatec racing wheels as well.

Fanatec calibration settings

When you first jump into F1 22, you’ll want to head over to the calibration settings. Here you can check that all functions on your wheel are working correctly. Find the calibration menu in the ‘Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback’ menu.

Then jump in and perform a button test. You can do this by simply pressing the right button in the bottom right of the screen.

Then rotate your wheel from side to side and apply the throttle and brake. Check that all of these values are reaching 100.

Calibration settings

You don’t really need to change anything in the calibration settings if you’re using a Fanatec wheel. The only thing I would check is your deadzone. Increasing this increases how much you need to push a pedal or turn the steering wheel to create an input in-game.

If your button test is registering an input without you pressing the pedal or turning the wheel. Increasing your deadzone will remove this constant input.

For my Fanatec ClubSport pedals, I had to increase the throttle deadzone by around 5, as it was registering a little throttle input even when I wasn’t touching the pedal.

Fanatec Calibration

Fanatec F1 22 Force Feedback Settings

Next up, head over to the force feedback settings. This is where you can fine tune how your wheel behaves while racing. Larger values here will increase the vibration and force feedback that you feel through your racing wheel.

I found the optimum force feedback settings for my CSL DD and GT DD Pro to be;

In-Game Settings:

  • Vibration & FFB: On
  • Vibration & FFB Strength: 90
  • On Track Effects: 30
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 30
  • Off Track Effects: 20
  • Wheel Damper: 0
  • Understeer Enhance: Off
  • Wheel rotation: 340°

Settings explanation

I’ve been using the 8Nm GT DD Pro and CSL DD Fanatec wheels, and having vibration & force feedback strength at 90 seems about spot on. If you’re using a more powerful DD1 or DD2, you can lower this a touch if you find the force feedback too strong.

I’ve set the on track effects to 30 which is the same as the rumble strip effects. These give a good amount of feedback when hitting the kerbs and bumps around the different tracks.

I’ve lowered the off track effects to 20. I don’t like having off track effects too high as if you do your wheel will just shake itself apart when you hit some gravel. Keeping it lower makes it slightly easier to get back on track.

Fanatec Force Feedback

I’ve lowered the wheel damper right down to 0, which should be the case on all Fanatec wheels. You can control this from your wheel directly so no point having it on here.

Then turn understeer enhance off. This will simulate loss of grip by making your wheel feel incredibly light. It feels strange and isn’t realistic so turn it off unless you’re learning where the edge of the grip is.

Then I’ve lowered the wheel rotation slightly to 340°. This should be at 360° if you want to emulate a real world F1 car. However, in F1 22 there is a slight response delay when turning the wheel. So lowering this to 340° helped remove that and make the wheel slightly more energetic.

Fanatec wheel base settings

With Fanatec wheels, you can also change a lot of settings through the steering wheel itself. These affect the wheel base directly and can work with or override your in-game settings.

You can see the settings I’m using below. To change these, simply enter the tuning menu on your wheel. It’s normally accessed by pressing either a combination of buttons or the tuning menu button on your steering wheel. Then you can scroll through the settings directly on your wheel.

Wheel Settings:

  • SEN (Sensitivity): 340°
  • FFB (Force Feedback): 100
  • FFS (Force Feedback Scaling): Peak
  • NDP (Natural Damper): 25
  • NFR (Natural Friction): 20
  • NIN (Natural Inertia): 0
  • INT (Interpolation Filter): 0
  • FEI (Force Effect Intensity): 100
  • FOR (Force): 100
  • SPR (Spring): 100
  • DPR (Damper): 100
  • BLI (Brake Level Indicator): Off
  • SHO (Shock): 100
  • MPS (Multi Position Switch): Auto

Fanatec Fanalab Settings

With the direct wheel settings, I’ve played about a bit from last year. I’ve matched the sensitivity at 340°. Set the overall strength on the wheel to 100.

I have played about with the natural damper and friction, increasing those over last year’s settings. Then I’ve lowered inertia completely to 0 as this year’s game doesn’t need it.

Most other settings are set to 100 or 0, which is pretty much standard.

Fanatec button mapping

It is highly recommended you spend some time mapping the buttons on your Fanatec wheel. You can create a completely custom layout on your steering wheel, setting different buttons and inputs to perform different tasks in F1 22.

For example, I’m currently using the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel, and you can see my button mapping. I have mapped the rotational dials to control my brake bias and on-throttle differential. This gives me quick access to increasing or decreasing these settings while racing without going through multiple menus.

I’ve also played about with my other buttons to create a layout that I’m comfortable with. And this replicates my wheel layout for most games.

To change the button mapping, simply scroll down to the input you wish to change. Click on it and then press the button or input you wish to use. As simple as that.


These settings should give you the most realistic and immersive experience in F1 22 with your Fanatec wheel. Many people have been reporting their wheel not feeling as good in F1 22 as it did in previous games. And these settings are designed to combat that.

Let me know in the comments below what settings you’re using!

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