F1 22 Baku Car Setup – Best Race Setup

Baku in Azerbaijan is an extremely unique circuit in F1 22. It features an extremely long straight combined with slower technical sections. Here is our best race setup for this tricky track.

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F1 22 Baku Car Setup

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F1 22 Baku Setup

Baku is a unique circuit, to say the least. Its combination of super-long straights and tight and technical corners make it a fun track to race in F1 22, as well as watch on TV. You have to create a low downforce setup just to be competitive down the long pit straight, otherwise, you’ll just be eaten up by the other drivers.

Yet you still require a good balance and extremely good traction to allow you to accelerate out of the many 90-degree slower corners. If you struggle to get the power down out of turns 2, 6 and 16 in particular, you won’t have a very fun race.

Baku Car Setup video


So let’s jump straight into the aerodynamic setup for Baku. As I mentioned, you need a low downforce setup around Azerbaijan. But with an emphasis on rear stability. For this reason, I’m running a front wing setup of just 7, and a rear wing of 14.

The higher rear wing will cause more drag than the front but will pay off when you’re accelerating out of the slower and medium-speed corners. It also helps keep the rear of the car stable through the high-speed corners at the end of sector 2.


For your differential, I’ve set the on-throttle diff really high at 88. This is beneficial through the medium and high-speed corners and is key to helping maintain a high minimum speed. This high setup will help push your car through the corners under acceleration.

You can lower it manually from your steering wheel or MFD mid-race if you are struggling for grip. Look to do this as your tyres start to wear, or on the approach to some of the slower corners.

For the off-throttle diff, keep it low at 55, as this will help rotate your car at slow speeds.

Suspension Geometry

I’ve taken the usual approach to the camber and toe setup. Set the front camber far right at -2.6, but also set the rear camber to -1.7. This setup is the perfect balance for the mixture of slow, medium and high-speed corners.

Then lower the toe setup right down to improve straight-line speed, but keep a little in the front for responsiveness. Go for 0.07 on the front toe and 0.2 on the rear.

Suspension Setup

The suspension follows the norm of F1 22 suspension setups. A stiff front end will give us good responsiveness, so go for 8 on the front suspension and 7 on the front anti-roll bar.

Then soften the rear suspension to 3, and the rear anti-roll bar to just 2. And finally, lower the car as low as we can before we start to hit the track surface. Go with 3 and 4 on the ride height.


The brakes are set up with 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

Tyre Setup

And for the tyres, I’ve increased the pressures to help keep the car on its toes. Go for 24.5 on both front tyres and 22.0 on both rears.

If your tyre setup values are different to these, just try to set the closest values you can to my setup.

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And that will round out this Baku race setup. This isn’t an easy track to drive at all, especially as you take more and more aero away from the car. This approach lowers your overall downforce making for a slightly slower car in the tight and twisty corners.

But it will ensure you can overtake on the straights and have a strong race. The other setup choices help reduce the effect that the lower aero values have on this setup and should give a nicely balanced car.

Let me know how you find this setup in the comments below.

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