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Australia is a track that has been reworked in F1 22. A few corners have been changed meaning we need a new car setup for this year. Here is our recommended F1 22 Australian car setup.

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F1 22 Australia Car Setup

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F1 22 Australia Setup

Melbourne in Australia is a track that has been redesigned for F1 22. We didn’t see it for a few years, however, it is back with a new and improved layout. The new Melbourne layout has removed a couple of corners and reprofiled a few others.

This makes the track much faster, with lap times on average around 2 seconds faster, even with the slower 2022 cars. This car setup is designed to give you a well-balanced car for a full race distance around Australia.

This setup has been updated after the recent game updates!

Australia Car Setup Video


Around Albert Park, you need a rear end that will stay planted to the track. In F1 22 the car is much more likely to oversteer, which can make already tricky corners such as turns 13 and 14 even harder.

Increasing the rear aero setup will improve your ability to drive through these tricky corners without losing the back of the car under acceleration. However, it will also add extra drag to your car, making it less optimised for straight-line speed.

I have created a bit of an offset with the front and rear wings, lowering the front while keeping the rear a little higher. This will increase rear downforce allowing you to get the power down quickly. And the lower front aero should help maintain a high top speed.

Go for 15 on the front wing and 19 on the rear.


For the transmission, you would ideally want to keep your on-throttle diff really high to help with speed through the fast sweeping corners. But you need to keep one eye on the slower corners which are very tricky around Australia.

Go for a balanced on throttle diff setup of 74. Then I’ve lowered the off-throttle diff as far as I can. This will help mitigate some of the front downforce that we’re losing with the lower front aero setup.

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Go for 50 on your off-throttle diff.

Suspension Geometry

I’ve followed a similar approach with the suspension geometry to our Jeddah car setup. Simply because, having a front camber that is close to all the way right, and the rear camber and toe all the way left is simply the quickest way around Australia in F1 22.

I’ve kept away from the maximum and minimum values a little to preserve some tyre life.

Go for -2.6 front camber, -1.7 rear camber, 0.06 front toe and 0.2 on the rear toe.

Suspension Setup

Australia is a track where having a responsive front end is beneficial. You’ll be throwing your car into corners at reasonably high speeds. So keep the front suspension and anti-roll bars high at 7. And lower the rear suspension to 1 and rear ARB to just 2.

Then go for a ride height of 5 and 5.


The brake setup is my normal setup of 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias. Again, this is quite simply the most efficient way to set up your brakes for most tracks.

Tyre Setup

For the tyres, I’ve raised the front pressures for a little more responsiveness. Set both of these at 23.3.

Then I’ve kept the rear tyre pressures pretty balanced at 21.3 on both rears.

I’ve seen a few of you commenting that your tyre pressure values aren’t quite matching up to mine, with mine being 24.3 for example, and some players only being able to set theirs at 24.2 or 24.5.

This is strange and could be down to console and PC differences or different game updates. If this is the case for you, Set your tyre pressures to the closest match to mine. If your pressures are different by 0.1 that won’t make any real difference.

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This Australian car setup will help you tackle Melbourne in F1 22 with good speed. You’ll have a car with more than enough rear stability to race through the tricky last sector and enough speed on the rest of the track to be competitive.

Let me know what setup you use in the comments below.

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