F1 22 Abu Dhabi Car Setup – Best Race Setup

Abu Dhabi has seen some pretty dramatic changes to the track layout. F1 22 is the first official F1 game where we can race the new changes. Here is our best Abu Dhabi F1 22 setup.

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F1 22 Abu Dhabi Car Setup

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F1 22 Abu Dhabi Setup

Although last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the first to showcase the new track layouts, they never made it into F1 2021. This year’s game is the first chance we get to properly race around the new Abu Dhabi track. And I’m happy to say the changes make the track much more enjoyable.

The slow and clunky hairpin and turns at the end of the second straight have both been remodelled. Now they are much faster and more flowing to race through. There has also been reprofiling work done on a lot of the corners in the final sector which also increases enjoyability.

Abu Dhabi Car Setup video


But let’s look at how these changes affect our car setup. The aero setup for Abu Dhabi is on a knife-edge for which direction we go in.

You’ll see many time trial setups with higher front wing aero than the rear. This will allow you to get a better turn-in to most corners, however, you won’t have the rear stability needed for consistent lap times throughout a race.

For this reason, I have ever so slightly prioritised the rear aero.

Go for 19 front wing aero and 22 on the rear.


I’ve lowered both on and off-throttle differential to 55. This helps with both rotation at slower speed which mitigates some of the lack of front downforce this setup will have. And it’ll also help you accelerate without breaking traction from the slower corners such as turn 7 which is notoriously difficult to accelerate out of.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry is set up purely for straight-line speed and minimal drag. Go for -2.5 front camber, -1 rear camber, 0.05 front toe and 0.2 rear toe.

Suspension Setup

For the suspension setup, I have gone for a stiff front end for good responsiveness. We’ll need this to be able to get the car turned into the medium and high-speed corners. Then a softer rear end will help create a stable car.

Go for 7 on both front suspension and ARB, and 2 on both rear suspension and anti-roll bar.

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For the ride height, opt for 3 and 4.


I’ve set the brake pressure to 100% as per normal, and the brake bias to 50%.

Tyre Setup

For the tyres, front wear can be a problem, especially now that the revised track layout increases the amount of strain put on the front tyres in particular. I’ve kept the front tyre pressures lower than the rear as they will feel the most pain.

Go for 23.8 on both front tyres and 22.0 on both rears.

If your tyre setup values are different to these, try to set the closest values you can to my setup as they seem to be different across different console platforms.

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Abu Dhabi used to always be a track I didn’t look forward to ending the season on. However, the track changes have made it a much more flowing and enjoyable circuit to race on. This low downforce setup approach will give you a car that is more than capable of challenging throughout a race.

Let me know how you find this setup in the comments below.

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