Is This The Best F1 2021 Mod Ever? – Race With The Official 2021 Liveries

This F1 2021 mod includes all of the new 2021 team liveries including Aston Martin and Alpine, along with updates logos across all game modes. Is this the ultimate F1 2021 mod?

F1 2021 Season Mod LD

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We’re pretty early on in the calendar year, but we do know a lot of information about the 2021 Formula 1 season. With all of this knowledge, many of us sim racers would love to start racing with the 2021 teams, cars and drivers.

Those sim racers who race F1 2021 on PC can do just this, thanks to an amazing 2021 season mod.

This season mod by modder LucasDesigns updates all of the cars, liveries and logos to closely represent how the 2021 season will look. The McLaren car has even been modded to have the Mercedes engine sound!

Update – Now we have seen a lot of the official 2021 car liveries, Lucas has been hard at work adding these new liveries to the F1 2021 season mod. View all of the liveries below.

Updated Liveries

Every car on the grid gets a new livery in this F1 2021 mod. The Alpine is rocking the new interim Alpine livery that was recently unveiled.

All other cars in this mod have a custom designed livery. Every livery has been expertly designed, and looks as though it could be an official livery. View every F1 2021 LucasDesign mod livery below.

Alpine F1

The Renault / Alpine car has received a realistic 2021 treatment. The livery has been updated to feature the exact livery that was unveiled recently.

This is only an interim livery, but racing against this black Alpine is already more accurate than continuing to race against the old yellow Renault car.

F1 2021 Game Release Date

Aston Martin

This Aston Martin livery design is one of the most realistic yet. It features the classic racing green, which Lance Stroll confirmed would be the main colour in 2021. You can also see the title sponsor Cognizant on the side pod, similar to Aston’s actual sneak peak announcement.

F1 2021 Aston Martin Livery


This 2021 Mercedes design keeps the main design elements from the 2020 car. Lucas has introduced a fresh take on the Petronas green, which has become much more prominent. Looking sharp Mercedes!

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F1 2021 Mercedes Livery


The Ferrari livery has only been tweaked slightly, to reflect a few sponsor updates. Other than the minor tweaks, this livery remains fairly true to the 2020 livery.

F1 2021 Ferrari Livery

Red Bull

Another real 2021 livery has been added to this season mod, in the form of the real-world 2021 Red Bull livery.

This 2021 Red Bull livery design removes all Aston Martin branding, thanks to Aston Martin’s new team branding. Just like Red Bull across the last few years, the rest of the livery remains almost unchanged.

Red Bull 2021 Livery F1 2020 Mod


McLaren have had one of the nicest liveries in F1 over the past couple of years, heavily utilising their signature Papaya orange. The 2021 car continues this trend, with slight adjustments to the use of the blue and rainbow graphic elements.

This new livery has been added to the official Lucas Design F1 2021 season mod. So you can now race the 2021 car in game.

McLaren F1 2021 Livery F1 2020 Mod


The updated AlphaTauri livery uses the dark blue much more across the whole car. This official 2021 livery has been added to this F1 2020 season mod, allowing you to race in the official 2021 colours.

AlphaTauri F1 2021 Livery F1 2020 Mod

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo are another F1 team who have revealed their official 2021 car livery. And Lucas has updated this mod to include the official 2021 livery. The main change from the old 2020 livery is the use of white on the upper engine cover, with the Alfa Romeo red moving to the side pod.

Alfa Romeo 2021 Livery 2020 Mod


The Williams livery remains mainly the same, which could be accurate to the real livery. Not much has changed for Williams with little in the way of new sponsorship.

F1 2021 Williams Livery

Where to download this F1 2021 mod

This mod can be downloaded completely free over at Race Department. It was created by modder LucasDesigns, and can be download using this link.

Head over to Race Department today to download this mod, and leave a kind word for Lucas.

How to install this 2021 mod

This mod can be installed in a couple of ways, including a quick install, and a manual install. To find out how to install F1 2020 mods, read our comprehensive guide to F1 2020 modding including how to use the Ego ERP Archiver.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.