How To Get The Aston Martin Racing F1 Livery in F1 2020 Game

Update your F1 2020 experience to include the 2021 Aston Martin Racing F1 team, including livery, pit crew, logo and more.

Aston Martin Racing F1 2020 Mod

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In this guide I’ll show you how to get the Aston Martin Racing F1 team livery, logo, suits, and pit crew in the F1 2020 game. 2021 is upon us, we have new teams and drivers confirmed for the 2021 season. Now we just need to see the new 2021 liveries.

If you are looking to upgrade your F1 2020 game experience to include the 2021 teams, then look no further. There is one slight caveat, and that is that you need to be running F1 2020 on PC. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to mod in to the console versions of the game.

Over the past few weeks, there have been a wide variety of Aston Martin Racing mods popping up for F1 2020. But there are two mods which stand above the rest.

The first mod, by theslamslider, replaces the Racing Point team with the new re-branded Aston Martin racing team. The second mod by Isbjorn, creates the Aston Martin Racing team for the My Team mode. I’ll run through both of the mods below, including how to install them, which is actually surprisingly easy!

2021 Aston Martin Racing mod to replace Racing Point

The first mod will allow you to update all aspects of the Racing Point team in F1 2020. After you install this mod, you can head over to the showroom and view the stunning British Racing Green livery.

Once you jump in to a race weekend, you will then start to notice the other aspects of this mod. There are Aston Martin Racing logos and branding present everywhere.

Included in the mod is;

  • Car livery and numbers
  • Driver suits, gloves, boots and cap
  • Custom helmets
  • Race crew clothing
  • Rain jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Pit crew suit, helmet and gloves
  • Full garage
  • Pit perch
  • Monitor screen

Below are some screenshots of this amazing mod.

To download this mod head over to Race Department using this link.

2021 Aston Martin Racing mod for My Team mode

If you would rather leave all of the official team liveries alone, and instead install a mod so you can race as the Aston Martin Racing team in the My Team mode, then this second mod is for you.

This mod focuses on making the 2021 AMR team playable in My Team. This allows you to enter as an 11th team to compete against the whole 2020 grid.

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You will see that this mod has a different livery compared to the mod above, and in my opinion looks slightly more realistic. The design in this mod by Isbjorn incorporates more real life sponsors across the entirety of the car. It isn’t quite as clean as the mod above by TheSlamSlider, but you could argue it is slightly more realistic.

Just like the mod above, this mod incorporates a whole host of branding aspects including;

  • FOM car livery
  • Ferrari branded car livery
  • Honda branded car livery
  • Mercedes branded car livery
  • Renault branded car livery
  • Driver suit
  • Driver cap
  • Pit gantry skin
  • Aston Martin Racing Logo

After installing this mod, you can boot up the My Team mode, select all of the relevant AMR branded options, and you can begin your career deciding the fate of the new team!

One of the benefits of this mod, is that it utilises slightly easier installation process. As I’ll touch on below, there are two different ways to install mods in F1 2020. The more complex method uses software called Ego ERP. While the easier method utilises a simple drag and drop technique.

This mod features both options, allowing you to mod the game with whichever method you prefer.

Download this mod from Race Department here.

How to install F1 2020 mods

Installing mods in F1 2020 can be daunting at first. Most mods will require you to download a special piece of free software called Ego ERP. This software allows you to change almost any aspect of the F1 2020 game.

To find out how to mod F1 2020, watch the video below by TheSlamSlider who runs through the process in an easy to follow way.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.