F1 2021 Officially Announced – Watch Trailer + Release Date

It's official. EA and Codemasters have today announced their upcoming F1 2021 game. Watch the official announcement trailer below and find out the official launch date.

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F1 2021 Game Announcement Trailer
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Codemasters have given us the first look at the official F1 2021 game, with a cinematic announcement trailer. This is the first game that the British game developer will launch since the EA partnership in 2020.

F1 2021 Gameplay Reveal

Codemasters have revealed a whole host of official F1 2021 gameplay via its EA Game Changers program. We’ve collated a selection of the gameplay, as well as discussing all of the new features that have officially been announced in F1 2021. View it in our latest F1 2021 guide here.

F1 2021 Official Announcement

Along side the F1 2021 announcement trailer, we also got a few details about the game including brand new game modes. Codemasters and EA also gave us the launch date of F1 2021.

F1 2021 Official Launch Trailer

Watch the trailer for F1 2021, and specifically the new Braking Point game mode below.

Driver Icons

Codemasters have revealed that owners of the Digital Deluxe version of F1 2021, will get access to 7 driver icons. All of the these driver icons will be available to use in the My Team game mode.

Driver icons include some of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time, including Michael Schumacher and Aryton Senna. View full details of the new driver icons here.

Braking Point Game Mode

One game mode in particular was the emphasis of the announcement trailer, and that was a new mode called Braking Point. In the trailer we can hear a selection of voices and commentary talking about a driver’s career. The trailer finishes with the tagline “How far will you go before you reach your ‘Braking Point’?”

Thankfully, we know a few more details about this game mode. ‘Braking Point’ is the brand-new story mode which will be in the F1 2021 game. It will allow you to rise through the ranks of Formula 2 and in to Formula 1.

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We don’t yet know whether we can play a full season of Formula 2. But from what we have seen, we think you will be able to, as the story could dictate some key moments in your junior career.

In ‘Braking Point’ you will be able to experience the Formula 1 lifestyle both on the track and off the track. This leads us to believe there will be some form of off-track management aspect.

We also can confirm that Devon Butler is making a return from his appearance in F1 2019. Will he be your rival this time around, and how far will the story revolve around this driver?

F1 2021 Official Launch Date

F1 2021 will be released on July 16th. And it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5 and PC at launch. There has been no confirmation whether it will be on Stadia at launch or not.

What Else Is New?

Two-Player Career Mode

There will also be a brand new two-player career mode in F1 2021. The only details we have for this mode currently are that you can play with your friends either co-operatively or competitively. Currently EA and Codemasters haven’t confirmed whether this will be an online only mode.

Each player will be able to set their own assists, allowing two players of different abilities to race together through a full career mode.

Real-Season Start

Real-Season Start is a new game mode to F1 2021 which will allow you to follow the real-world action. It’ll let you take part in a season which reflects the real season’s standings. You will be able to jump in to a partially completed season at any stage to follow the on-track action.

Once you start this mode, you can then race out the remaining races in the season.


It has been confirmed that F1 2021 will be fully supported by next generation consoles. It will launch on both Xbox Series X/S and PS5. And it will feature graphical improvements along with improved loading times.

F1 2021 will make use of Xbox Smart Delivery and PlayStation’s free upgrade abilities. Meaning you will only have to purchase the game once if you are planning on upgrading to an Xbox Series X/S or PS5 in the future.

My Team

The My Team game mode will be returning in F1 2021. However EA and Codemasters haven’t detailed if there will be any changes or updates to this game mode.

Official Screenshots

EA and Codemasters have released a selection of screenshots of the upcoming F1 2021 game to go alongside the announcement trailer.

New Tracks

It has been confirmed that all three new tracks from the Formula 1 2021 season will make it into the game. Portimão, Imola and Jeddah will all be in the game, but have been confirmed they’ll be added as free post launch content. So they may not be in the game at launch.

How Much Will F1 2021 Cost?

Pre-orders are now open for F1 2021 accross all platforms. Now that pre-orders have started, this means that pricing has been announced. This includes the standard edition of the game and the digital deluxe edition.

The standard edition of the game, across all Xbox, PlayStation and Steam versions will cost £59.99.

And the digital deluxe version will cost £74.99.

View more information about the cost of F1 2021, and all of the added features included in the digital deluxe version here.

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