F1 2021 New Icons & Driver Ratings Announced

Codemasters have announced 7 new legendary driver icons who can be used in My Team mode. We have all the information including ratings and how to unlock them all.

F1 2021 Driver Icons Announced

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The F1 2021 game is nearing it’s official launch date of the 16th July 2021, and Codemasters are starting to leak information about this year’s game. The latest announcement comes in the form of announcing 7 classic Formula 1 drivers who will all be in the game.

All 7 of these drivers will be available as recruitable drivers in F1 2021’s My Team game mode. This will allow you to create the dream Formula 1 team, partnering with any of the 7 legendary drivers who you may have watched on TV growing up.

Who are the 7 new driver icons in F1 2021

The new driver icons include two of the most iconic Formula 1 drivers of all time, in Michael Schumacher and Aryton Senna. Both of these drivers are the highest rated drivers in F1 2021, both with a rating of 94.

The other drivers include past Formula 1 World Champions Alain Prost, who is rated as a 93, just one point below Senna and Schumacher.

Next up are more recent Formula 1 World Champions, Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg. Jenson is rated higher than Nico, coming in with a 90 rating, whilst Nico is rated at 89.

There are also two drivers included who have never won the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship, but have come very close. Both David Coulthard and Felipe Massa are two of the highest respected second drivers ever seen in Formula 1.

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Coulthard is rated at 87 with Massa rated one point lower at 86.

F1 2021 driver icons full list

  • Michael Schumacher – 94 Rating
  • Aryton Senna – 94 Rating
  • Alain Prost – 93 Rating
  • Jenson Button – 90 Rating
  • Nico Rosberg – 89 Rating
  • David Coulthard – 87 Rating
  • Felipe Massa – 86 Rating

How to unlock these driver icons in F1 2021

The only way to currently get access to the 7 driver icons is to pre-order the F1 2021 digital deluxe edition. This edition does cost more than the standard game, coming in at £74.99 across all platforms.

As well as the driver icons, there is also a wide range of other benefits, including 3 day early access to the game.

The full benefits of the F1 2021 Digital Deluxe Edition are below;

  • The entire F1® 2021 game
  • My Team Icons Pack
  • Seven iconic drivers to enhance your ‘My Team’ game experience
  • Exclusive in-game customisation items:
    • Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio call
  • Braking Point Content Pack
  • Celebrate the release of F1® 2021 with exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional stars of the new ‘Braking Point’ story experience. Equip them to race as Devon Butler, Aiden Jackson, and Casper Akkerman:
    • Character avatar | Car livery | Suit | Gloves | Helmet | Victory radio voices
  • 18,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game

Purchase F1 2021 on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 & 5 and Steam.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.