F1 2021 Monaco GP Setup Guide

Monaco is a tricky track to master, but it can be made easier with a good, stable race setup in F1 2021. In this guide, I'll run you through my preferred race setup for increased stability.

F1 2021 Monaco Car Setup

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Our F1 2021 Monaco Setup Guide

Monaco truly is the definition of a love it or hate it track. It’s tight and windy, with few overtaking opportunities. But, nothing beats the feeling of getting a good rythm around the streets of Monaco in F1 2021.

To master this circuit, you’ll need a car setup which is well balanced and stable, with enough downforce to get the car turned in to the tight and twisty corners.

This setup will help with just that. I’ve designed it to be incredibly stable to drive, which is the key to consistency and a good race pace. As well as being competitive during qualifying and the race itself.


Starting with the aerodynamics, you will want to go for an extremely high aerodynamic setup for maximum downforce at Monaco. Set both front and rear wing to 11 for maximum downforce performance.

If you are feeling confident or feeling like you would like a little more top speed, lower your front aero by 1 down to 10. You shouldn’t feel too much loss in downforce and will gain a touch more speed for potentially pulling an overtake down one of the short straights.


Then, you will want to go for an extremely low transmission setup to improve traction and your car’s ability to rotate quickly. Go for 55 for both on-throttle and off-throttle diff.

This is designed to give you the most driveable car out of the slow corners, with the low on-throttle diff lowering your risk of lighting up the rear tyres. The low off-throttle differential setup will then help rotate your car faster into the slow turns.

Suspension Geometry

Then, for the suspension geometry, go with usual style of setup of -2.7 for the front camber, -1.5 for the rear. This style of setup follows a similar path as both our Bahrain setup and Spanish setup.

Then go for 0.08 and 0.29 for the toe setup. This follows the trend of most tracks in F1 2021 but remains a little more balanced as there aren’t as many fast sweeping corners as other tracks.


Next up, the suspension setup. You will want to run your car soft around Monaco so you don’t get too many unstable moments over the harsh bumps.

Opt for 2 and 3 on your suspension setup. Then reverse this and go for 5 and 2 on the anti-roll bars. This style of inverse anti-roll bar setup will help make your car more stable and predictable over the harsh bumps.

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Then set your ride height to 3 and 6 to ensure you have clearance over all of the bumps.


Moving on to the brake setup, set your pressure to 97% for good braking performance, and 56% on the brake bias. Lowering the brake pressure a few steps down from 100% will reduce the risk of locking a wheel, which is very easy to do, especially into the last corner.

Overall, this combination of brake setup will give you a very well rounded feel on the brakes, and give you confidence that you wont lockup a wheel.


Finally, set your tyre pressures to 21.8 at the front and 21.9 at the rears. Again, this follows the trend of other tracks giving you the best comprimise between tyre performance, and tyre durability.

These are higher rear tyre pressures compared to last year’s game, but follow the trend of F1 2021 setups, where you can run higher tyre pressures overall, just like in the real-world sport.

And that’ll do it for our Monaco setup in F1 2021.

This should give you a very driveable car, and one that is easier to control and race with. And failing that, just try to put in the fastest quali lap you can and control the race from the front of the grid!

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See you on track guys.

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