F1 2021 Imola GP Setup Guide

Imola has just been added to F1 2021 as free DLC, and boy is it a fun track to race around. Here is our recommended car setup guide for Imola in F1 2021.

F1 2021 Imola Setup

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Our F1 2021 Imola Setup Guide

Imola has finally been added to F1 2021 as a free DLC track, and this is great news, as it is one of the best race tracks to drive around. It is fast, has a lot of undulation, there are overtaking spots and you have to be on top form to put in a good lap.

But ensuring you have the car to put in a good lap means having a good car setup. And creating your car setup for the brand new Imola track in F1 2021 isn’t the easiest job.

You have to ensure you have enough straight-line speed to make overtaking possible on the pit straight. Whilst also balancing stability and responsiveness so you can throw your car through the fast corner sequences.

Since it returned to the Formula 1 calendar in 2020, Imola has quickly become an exciting place to race. With a few very good Grand Prix’s under its belt.

Aerodynamic Setup

Jumping into the aerodynamic setup, you need to be constantly aware of how high-speed Imola is. There are only a few slower corners, meaning we need to trim as much aero as we can, without compromising the ability for our car to turn in.

Imola is an extremely fast track with very few slower corners. You have the slower hairpin which is taken in second or third gear and then you have the chicane which leads into the final sector of the lap which is also slower. But other than that every corner is taken at high speed and you’re throwing the car from left to right at all times.

So to create a car setup that works around here you need an extremely stable car, and one which is very responsive and can turn instantly as you throw it left and right through the fast corners.

I’ve gone with a front wing angle of 7 and a rear wing angle of 8.

My philosophy for this setup was to create a car that is ever so slightly understeer-y and one which has amazing stability and grip at the rear end. So that’s why I’m running ever so slightly higher rear wing with this setup.

You’ll be able to get on the power early through the corners but you may need to brake a touch earlier to get the front end turned in a little bit.

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But this is only really noticeable in the final two corners of the lap when you’re braking downhill. Other than that this setup has more than enough turn-in ability around the rest of the lap.

Transmission Setup

For the transmission, I’ve gone with a really high on-throttle differential of 85. As I mentioned this is an extremely fast circuit so you’re going to want to be on the throttle as soon as you can through the corners.

There really is no reason to lower your on-throttle differential because there just aren’t that many heavy traction zones.

Pair this with an off-throttle differential of 60, which will help the car turn a little more in the slower corners, especially the last
two corners on the lap.

Suspension Geometry Setup

For the suspension geometry, I’ve gone with a camber of -2.8 and -1.2, and a toe of 0.08 and 0.26.

This is pretty balanced between straight-line speed and responsiveness.

Suspension Setup

For the suspension setup go with 4 and 2, and then go with anti-roll bars of 6 and 1, and a ride height of 3 and 7.

By running stiffer front anti-roll bars and slightly stiffer front suspension, you’ll have a car that is a little bit more stable as you’re throwing it left and right. This allows you to get onto the power early and the ever so slightly high ride height of 3 and 7 will allow you to ride some of the bumps and curbs a little easier.

Brake Setup

Then max out your brake pressure 100% and go with a brake bias of 57%. You’ll be braking from high speed a lot of the time and there are a lot of corners where you need a quick sharp dab of the brakes. So there aren’t too many places where you can lock a wheel.

This is why I’ve maxed out the brake pressure to 100% and gone with a slightly front focused brake bias.

Tyre Pressure Setup

Then for the tyre pressures, I’ve gone with 22.6 on both fronts and 22.7 on both rears. This is about as high as I could get away with before the tyres start to overheat. So definitely don’t run any higher than this.


And that will do it for my Imola F1 2021 race setup. With this setup, you have a car that you can really throw through all of the corners. And this is a track which you need to drive maximum attack all the way around. This stable set will allow you to do that.

If you like this F1 2021 Imola setup guide, and if it helps you out or you enjoy the setup drop the video below a like, and leave us a comment below to let me know how you get on.

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See you on track guys.

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